Monday, February 11, 2019

Positivity Notecards

As I said in a previous post of mine, I will be using Mondays as the day that I write about my faith or something inspirational. Today, I want to write about how we, as a family, try to keep a positive and God centered home. A few years ago, a friend told me to write Bible verses on notecards and put them in every room in our home.
The Bible I got for Christmas.
When we moved out of that house I took the verses down. In our past two homes I didn't put verses up on the wall. I so wish I had because in the first home that I did this with, we all felt peaceful and calm. At the beginning of this year I made a family goal for the New Year to keep the energy positive and peaceful. With a family of 7, things can get chaotic. We are not a perfect family by any means. We make mistakes. We also love each other no matter what. It is because we have God at the center of our chaotic moments and He is the center of our home. We are raising our kids to know that God comes first, above all else. I also made a personal commitment to study God's word more than ever before. I want to be the wife and mother that God created me to be. I know I have been slacking and it shows through our attitudes (especially mine). I think these notecards will help keep our family accountable to staying true to our goals and commitments.
Simple Dollar Tree index cards.
The Bible verses I have started to put up around our home remind us where we need to keep our focus as a family. If God is not first, everything crumbles around us. The verses also remind me to keep studying God's word and be a light, not just for my family, but for my community and those that read my blog. I pray that we can shift our energy in our home back to being peaceful and positive, and most of all loving. I know a peaceful and calm home brings out the best in all of us. As for my personal commitment to study God's word more, I want my kids to see that I turn to God for everything. I want them to see the passion I have for God's word and see that I believe it can change people. Most of all I want them to see my faith in God no matter what our circumstances are.
For those that don't believe the way I do, you can find positive quotes and write those down. There are many positive quotes out there. You can even write affirming words on notecards and put those around your home. Having positive quotes and affirming words around your house can change the mood and atmosphere in your home. Please understand that I am in no way pushing my beliefs on you. I am simply hoping to inspire you to keep the positivty in  your environment. In our world, we need more positivity and less negativity. We need more love from everyone.

If I want a better atmosphere in my home, it starts with my husband and I digging deep into God's word and being an example to our kids. I hope this post inspired and encouraged someone in the fact that you can make a difference in your home and community. You can start today. You don't have to invite negativty into your life. You can invite positivity and peacefulness. You can be a radiant light so others can see that negativity doesn't stand a chance in the world. There will be days that are hard, but the positive words from God's word will carry you through. God's love will carry you through.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Books for Valentine's Day

*This post does contain affiliate links. 

Valentine's Day is less than a week away! If you don't have a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife the the clock is definitely ticking down. I have my gift for my husband and he also has his gift for me. We did not procrastinate this year in getting gifts for each other. Valentine's Day is special for my husband and I because it was when we had our first date 11 years ago.

If you are a parent who has to supply your kids with Valentine's cards/treat bags/boxes, the clock is also ticking down for you. We will have 4 kids in school this year for Valentine's Day so we will be working on their cards for their class card exchange this weekend as well as their 'mailboxes' for the cards and treat bags.

Not only is it a special day for my husband and I, but it is also a fun day for our kids. We like to do Valentine's related crafts (look for that post this weekend) and read Valentine's books. One reason why we do this is because Valentine's Day is such a special day for my husband and I. We want our kids to grow up knowing how special the day is for us.

Our kids love to read. I love to collect books for our kids that pertain to each holiday we celebrate. Of course, one of those holidays is Valentine's Day. There are so many books for kids that are related to Valentine's Day. We are lucky to have a few in our book collection. I have picked five books that we own to share with you. I hope, if you purchase the books, that your kids will enjoy them as well.

Here are five books that we like to read every year (links to purchase them are also included):

 Guess How Much I Love You
This book shares the love between a parent and a child and exactly how much love there is.
I Love You, Too
This book is so special because it displays the love between a mother and her child. It is one we enjoy snuggling up to.
 The Story Of Valentine's Day
I love how well this book gives a short history lesson on what Valentine's Day is.
 Where Do Kisses Come From?
This books explains very well for children to understand where kisses come from. There are many different animals portrayed in which they give kisses to their kids. Your child can learn names of animals while snuggling up and giving you kisses.
 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose
Taken from the back cover: "You won't believe why this old lady swallowed a rose, some lace, some glitter, candy, a jewel, some hearts, and a card."
If you love the original book, 'There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly' then you will love this book for your kids.
Do any of these books sound interesting for you and your child? What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day traditions?

Stay tuned for a Valentine's Day craft post!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

How Are The Boys With Their Sister

It is Thursday, which means I am answering a question that one of my readers asked me on my Q&A post. I loved that you, me readers, have asked me questions so you all can get to know me better. If you have not asked me a question about my life, whether it is about my marriage, my parenting, or my faith, then feel free to ask a question in the comments.

The question I am answering today is, "How are the boys with their sister?"

For those that are new to reading my blog posts, my husband and I have five kids (four boys and one girl). Our daughter is the youngest. She has FOUR big brothers.
The most recent picture of all 5, enjoying a day in their pajamas.
An older picture of all 5 from 2017.
Our boys have been fantastic with her since the day she came home from the hospital! I think pictures can paint a better picture of how they are with their sister.
Logan with Leliana the day she came home.
Logan with her on her 1st birthday!
Landon and Leliana
Landon and Leliana on her 1st birthday.
Liam and Leliana
Liam and Leliana on her 1st birthday.
Lucas and Leliana, not the day she came home. It took him a little longer to warm up to her.
Lucas and Leliana on 1st birthday.
They love her so much and they include her in everything they do. She also loves her big brothers and follows them wherever they go in the house. I know our older three boys (Logan, Landon, and Liam) love their sister and I am sure they will have their special bond with her as they get older.

The brother that will have a very special bond with Leliana is Lucas. He gets the most time with her at home while Logan, Landon, and Liam are in school. Lucas and Leliana are just shy of 17 months apart so they are close in age. They also share room so that helps with their sibling bond. Here are some pictures over the past year of them together. The sibling love is definitely there!
Chilling at home.
Getting ready for errands.
Having a tea party.
It really makes my heart so full when I see the boys with their sister. Like I said, all four boys are great with her. Leliana will be very protected by them. They care so much about her already. If she is hurt they come tell me. If she can't figure a toy out, they are quick to help her. Recently she learned to walk and Lucas would go to her and make sure she didn't fall down.

I cannot wait to see the sibling bond between her and her brothers as they get older. People tell us all the time that she won't ever have a boyfriend (according to my husband that will be true), because her brothers may never let a guy come around her. One thing is for sure, Leliana is very loved by the boys. I know her brothers will be there for her anytime she needs them. We are so proud of our boys and their big hearts for their sister. They are such good big brothers to Leliana.

This post was about the boys with their sister. I am planning a separate post about the brotherly love between the boys. That one will be entertaining for sure! I hope you enjoyed reading about the boys and how they treat their little sister. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, the pictures tell way more than I could put into words.

If you haven't asked me a question, feel free to comment with one! Next Thursday's question will be "What's The Biggest Change Having A Girl After Four Boys?" You don't want to miss that post.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

DIY Wednesday: Spice Rack

I recently wrote how I have scheduled more time for writing into my busy schedule. The schedule is going very well! I have set days now in which I will write about certain topics in my my niche.

My niche is pretty broad because it is anything that is faith and family based. When it comes to family based topics I usually write about: crafts, recipes, products that I like for kids and moms, and even DIY (do it yourself) ideas.
I am going to make Wednesdays the day that I do my DIY posts. Today, I wanted to write about a DIY solution for your cabinet full of spices if you do not have a spice rack. I am sure you have a cabinet full of spices that might be unorganized which causes you to not be able to find what you are looking for.

When we moved to our new house, I found out that there wasn't really a place I could put my spices. Number one, limited space cabinet space than before and number two, I did not have a spice rack. I needed a cheap solution. I looked on Pinterest for ideas. After looking at ideas, I finally came up with something that was similar to what was on Pinterest. The idea that I came up with was to purchase little baskets and nail them to our wall.
I now have 5 rows of spices on my wall. It makes for a great way to organize all of those cluttered spices. This idea also frees up some cabinet space. If you don't want them out in the open you can always attach the baskets to the inside of your cabinet door. I chose to put our spices on the wall, because we had an empty space between our stove/oven and refridgerator. Our spice rows make for a nice decoration in that regard.

What do you think about the new way I will write my posts? Is DIY Wednesdays something you all are interested in? Let me know in the comment section. Also, comment with how you organize your spices, or if you plan to use this idea. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Muddy Jeans

I hope everyone had a good weekend! If you are an area that got a lot of snow last week, I hope you are staying warm. Where we live, our snow melted on Saturday and reached 60 degrees! Yesterday (Sunday) it reached 65 degrees! I was very thankful for the warmer weather, because it meant our kids could go outside and play!

Of course with the snow melted, that meant it was quite muddy in our yard. We have four boys so their favorite thing to do is play in the mud. We were okay with it, because they had been couped up inside most of last week so getting outside and running around was VERY good for them.
This morning as I was putting a pair of muddy jeans in the washer, my heart got so full! I feel like God spoke to me through those jeans. God speaks to me/gives me gentle reminders in so many ways and He is good at doing it when I need it most. I have been working hard at keeping my mindset positive by being more thankful, having JOY in all situations, and not worrying so much.

God grabbed me this morning and put these reminders in my heart:
1. That I am blessed with five kids that love to play.
2. That this stage in our lives is short and will go by fast so I need to enjoy it.
3. That I will miss ours kids being this little once they are grown up.
4. To enjoy every moment, even when it is messy.
5. Making memories is more important than worrying about the mess (it can be cleaned up).

I took a picture of the muddy jeans to remind me of these things. The following Bible verses came to mind:
I love how God speaks to me about the things that I need to work on. One of my goals for 2019 is to listen more closely to God when He speaks to me. This morning I definitely stopped and listened to what God wanted to teach me. He told me not to worry about the messes our kids make and not to worry about the big things or small things. He told me to enjoy every moment, even when it might be hard.

I believe that God also wants me to tell my readers the same message. Don't worry about the big things, or small things. In good times or bad, have joy or find something that brings you joy. Enjoy every moment and stop every once in a while and remember how blessed you truly are I hope this post encourages someone. This was what God placed on my heart to share with you all. If this encouraged you, let me know in the comments!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Snow Day Craft

This past week we had three snow days in a row from Wednesday to yesterday (Friday). Our school district does NTI (Non Traditional Instruction) packets which counts as a school day so this way the kids/teachers do not have to make up the days at the end of the year. We completed them and our kids were starting to get bored and get cabin fever (being stuck in the house). I put my mom thinking into action and had all five kids do a snow day craft.
Logan working on his NTI packet.
Landon working on his NTI packet.
This craft will be great if you have multiple snow days in a row and need something new to do with the kids. The craft that we did was building a paper snowman. It was way too cold to go outside to build a snowman so we built one using paper.
For this craft you will need:
-Blue, red, and orange construction paper
-Plain white paper
-White paint
-Black pen or skinny black marker
Our kids had so much fun doing this craft. It kept them entertained and we also were able to turn it into a moment of learning.
The only one who did not do this craft was our baby girl. I did come up with something that she cold still do. The craft was a snowy scene.For it all you need is plain white paper, a blue crayon, and white paint. She colored the white paper with the blue crayon and then did fingerprnt snowflakes all over it.

Yes, we enjoyed staying in our pajamas the past few days! That is only way to spend a snow day or two!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our snow day craft. I would love it if you shared it! Share with me in the comments what your weather is like and if you plan to do this craft or something similar.

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Do My Kids Help Me With My Blog?

Back in September, I started doing posts once a week where I would answer questions from my readers. I have a special post that if you would like to ask me a question then you can comment on that particular post. It is title Q&A Post so just click the link and comment with a question. After several weeks off schedule, I am back at answering all of those questions. The next question I will be answering is, "Do Your Kids Help You With Your Blog?"

I absolutely love this question and think it is an amazing one. We have FIVE kids and their ages are 8, 6, 4, 3, and 1. They definitely help me with my blog in so many ways. They don't even know that they are helping me with something.

Our kids definitely provide me with a lot of ideas of topics to write about. For example, when we do art crafts together, I usually end up writing a blog post of the art craft that we did. Another example is that our kids are very good at teaching me some humbling life lessons (God uses our kids to teach me life lessons a lot) so I will write an inspirational post about that. Our 6 year old as Microtia, I often write about what that is like for him and for our family. Our 1 year old has a peanut butter allergy, which I have not written about that yet, but stayed tuned! I will even write about something that is trending in the world of kids. Part of the niche of my blog is anything that is family/kid related.

Having five kids means that there is always something going on in our home that I can capture and turn into a blog post. One of the main reasons I began my blog is because of my kids. I wanted a place that I could write about our life in hopes of encouraging someone so that they would know they aren't alone on this motherhood journey.

Our five kids are why I want to keep working on and growing my blog. Everything I do, not just on my blog, but everything in life is for our kids. I can't wait for the day that they can look back on many of my blog posts and know that they were my encouragement for those posts.

While they don't help me type up my posts, they do help by giving me ideas and encouragement for posts.

Here are pictures of our sweet blessings. Photo credit goes to my brother in law! Check out his photography page on Facebook at 5th Gen. Photography and give his page a like.

All 5!
Logan, 8
Landon, 6
Liam, 4
Lucas, 3
Leliana, 1
Now that I have shared who helps me with my blog, how about you share with me who helps you! Also, if you do have a question for me feel free to click on the link at the very top of my post or you can comment below in the comment section. Stayed tuned for a craft post that I will share at the end of the week! Always remember to keep the faith, hope, and love wherever you go!