About Me

My name is Jessica. I am married to Rob. We have been married since June 27, 2009. We are parents to four handsome boys and one beautiful baby girl.
Logan is our 7 year old and he just finished first grade. He will be in the second grade this coming school year. He loves learning and idoing very well in school. I love listening to him sound words out as he reads new words and familiar wmords. He loves Legos, Spiderman, Lego Ninjago, Pokemon, and Digimon. He enjoys playing educational games on the computer as well as watching kid videos on YouTube. He keeps us moving and grooving every day with his sweet side and his tough side.
Landon is our 5 year old who battled RSV/pneumonia/flu at a month old. He is our fighter and our fearless one. He also knows how charm anyone he meets. He will be in Kindergarten this fall. He loves to play with cars, blocks, and trains. He is into Cars, Star Wars, and everything that Logan likes as well.
Liam is 4 years old and he is our calm and chill little guy. He loves food and loves to do what his older brothers do. He is starting to get his own likes such as Daniel Tiger, Super Why, Curious George, and any of the shows with learning songs on Netflix. He is starting to talk more than he did a year ago and is learning new things every day. He is currently finishing his first year of preschool and will have two more years of preschool before going to Kindergarten.
Lucas is our 2 year old. He loves following his brothers. He also loves being a big brother to his baby sister. He is in speech therapy and is learning new words everyday. He loves Moana and SING. He has to watch both movies at least once a day. He keeps us busy because he loves to explore and play with everything except his toys. He is super sweet when he isn't being rotten.
Leliana is our only girl and she just turned one. She was born on May 20, 2017. She spent 17 days in the NICU between two hospitals. She may be a girl, but we think she will be just as tough as her 4 big brothers. She is in physical therapy because between her early birth and time in the NICU she isn't where she should be with her gross motor development. She just started crawling at 14 months and is beginning to cruise along furniture. She will be walking soon!
My amazing and sweet husband, Rob, has a degree in high school history and recently got a teaching job! He is so excited to start his career in teaching.
I have been blogging since 2011, which is also when I graduated college with a degree in psychology and child development. I have been actively blogging since 2013. I have a degree, but I enjoy being stay at home mom. I also have always had a love for photography and hope to incorporate that into my future blog posts. I am still practicing my craft in hopes of turning it into a business. I am mainly a stay at home mom and wife that needs to blog about being a mother to four boys and a baby girl and a wife to a handsome husband all while following God, serving Him, and having a lot of faith, hope, and love. You can like my Facebook pages at: https://www.facebook.com/FaithHopeLove627/ and https://www.facebook.com/JessicaL.MartinPhotography


  1. Hello, My name is Donna. You have a lovely family. I love your blog name. I also got married in June, the 25 of 2010. We have a 9 year girl and a 6 year old boy. I have a cleaning business. I started it in 2013. I love cleaning for my clients. I just wish I could get more clients. Do you know how I could get more? I hope you have a bless day. You can email me at donnahenderson625@yahoo.com

  2. Hi, my name Monidipa. I am 25 yo from India. I am a psychologist as well as a businesswoman. Blogging and Painting is my passion.
    I loved reading about you. You have a lovely family.. Lots of love from India.

  3. Hello! My Name is Brittany and I think our children would get along. My oldest is 8 and love Ninjago and Digimon and pretty much everything else you listed. My daughter is 6 and wants to be a mommy when she grows up and raise huskies and my youngest is 4. He will probably do well in foot ball or soccer like his daddy. He's pretty rough, but sweet. I call him my Sour Patch Kid. He's also my singer/dancer. My kids all love little babies so they would love your little ones. I started blogging, last year, unless you count Xanga and Myspace as blogs, then I've been doing that since I was in high school. I graduated with a Business Administration degree, but have been a stay-at-home mom for 4 years.


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