Monday, October 22, 2018

We Found A House

I have not written in two weeks. Within the past two weeks, we have finally found a place to live in the town where my husband is teaching. My husband got a teaching job two and a half hours away at the end of August. He has been leaving Sunday evenings and then coming home Friday evenings. We found a house to move to, so this routine we have been in will come to an end. Our moving day is this Saturday! As you can imagine, I'm busy packing up everything while still taking care of our 5 kids since my husband is two and a half hours away teaching. We are so glad that we will be back together all the time after Saturday.

I have been taking a little break from writing in preparation for our move. I wanted to write real quick that we have found a place and we are so excited for our move. We hope our kids will do well with the move. Moving can be hard for kids, so keep our kids in your thoughts and prayers during this transition for them, and for us.

I talk a lot about my faith on my blog. I wanted to say that God is good. He has blessed our family with this exciting time. While moving can be stressful, this is such a good thing for our family. This verse came up in my reading this morning.

 The words are so true. My husband and I waited patiently for the Lord to give my husband a teaching job. There were times we wanted to give up, but instead we stood firm in our faith when the answer was no.

We kept trusting God. Now, here we are, getting ready to move. I'm not sure what you are going through right now, but I pray you can find some peace and hope through this verse. My husband and I made it through the waiting and it was worth it! Whatever you are waiting for, keep trusting God. His timing is better than our timing.

Next time I write on my blog, I will be writing from our new house.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Weekly Update #2

*This post does contain affiliate links. 

*This post has a GIVEAWAY at the bottom. 

If you have been reading my recent posts, then you will know that we will be moving soon to move closer to my husband's job. He got a teaching job just a little over a month ago and his school is 2 and 1/2 hours away. He drives there on Sunday evenings and comes home on Friday evenings. It is tough to have my husband gone during the school week. I end up being a single parent to our five kids during the school week. Our kids definitely miss their daddy when he is gone during the school week. You can read my moving post here.

Also, if you have been keeping up, you will know that I am not going to be writing as much since I have a lot to do to prepare for our move. I wrote on a post, titled 'Hitting the Pause Button', how I will be writing one post a week to keep my readers updated on everything going on. I wrote my first update almost two weeks ago. This is my second post where I am going to update everyone on what has been going on.

Why did I skip a week?
If you noticed, I did skip a week. My husband has been on fall break this past week. We got to have him home for a whole week. We did not do much except enjoy our time with him. He goes back tomorrow evening though. We have really enjoyed his fall break. Our kids had their fall break the last two days (Thursday and Friday) of my husband's fall break. Again, we did not do anything special. Our family of seven just enjoyed being together. One thing we did together was, we went to our college campus which is in the town we still live in. The college campus is special to us because it is where my husband and I met, fell in love, got engaged, and began our family. My husband's history goes even further back, it is where his parents met and began their life together. Here are a few special pictures we took while we visted our alma mater.
This bench is where my husband asked me to be his girlfriend and where he proposed to me. We had to get a picture of all of our kids sititng on it.
This fire hydrant is where my husband got his picture taken when he was little (top  left). We got a picture of our boys next to it. The fire hydrant has changed a little bit.
Aside from it being everyone's fall break, I did have another reason why I did not write this week. My granny (my dad's mom) became very ill. I went to see her on Wednesday and I took my daughter with me. My granny woke up from long enough to smile really big at her. That smile will remain with me forever. Sadly, my granny passed away Friday morning. It has been a rough week for my dad's side of the family. Her funeral will be Tuesday. I won't be able to attend the funeral due to my husband being away for his job (see above) and due to the fact that three of our kids have school. Keep my dad's side of the family, as well as me, in your thoughts and prayers this week, and the coming days. The picture below is a picture of my granny and my second born from 2015.

My granny who passed away on Friday and my second born son in 2015.
How is our move going? 
We think we have found a house. We aren't saying it is a sure thing yet, just in case something happens. If everything does go as planned, we are hoping to move the last weekend of October. That weekend is perfect, because it will mean we will be moved before the holidays which is what I want.

I have been packing a box a day so that when we get to the week before our move, I won't have so much to pack up. I have been purging stuff we don't need as I go through our things to pack. These are two big things when you are moving:
-Pace yourself so you don't have to bunch of packing to do at once.
-Purge things you don't need.

I am sure once we move, I will have a whole post filled with moving advice.

What else is going on in my life?
If you read my posts about how I will be hitting the pause button, then you will know that in my weekly posts I am going to try to talk about as much as I can about what is going on with my family and I.

Since my last weekly post, I do have some exciting news. I have partnered with a faith based company called God's Glory Box. You can click the link to find out more about them. I have a tab above called FaithHopeLove and God's Glory Box that features more about my partnership with them. I received a FREE box from them and I would like to share the items in it with you. After I share the items with you, there will be a chance to enter a giveaway where I will be giving away two of the items I received in the box. Also after I show the items, I will share two codes to choose from for when you sign up for your monthly box. The box itself is only $10 a month!

Here is my God's Glory Box Reveal:

The picture below is the front of the box. I love their slogan about how their monthly box is a reminder of God's glory. Everything about my faith and the faith of the people at God's Glory Box is to bring God the glory.

This is what I saw when I opened the box. 

The first item I pulled out is a tote bag with the Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 13:13. It is also the theme of my blog.  This tote is from Love Grow Inspire.

The second item I pulled out is a little notebook from Petunia Diaries with a verse that reminds you that you are beautiful! It is from Song of Songs 4:7.

The third thing I took out were two chapsticks that say 'Stay Humble' and 'Healed'. These are good reminders. Staying humble means not to get too prideful. In our world today, it is good to have that reminder. Healed means we are healed by God's sacrifice of sending His son to die on the cross for us. Both of these are good reminders as we walk with God everyday. The chapsticks came from one of God's Glory Box's partners Zsah Zsah Harris.

The fourth item I pulled out were two decals that say faith and favor. They can be put on anything. The picture includes a card where they came from and what the decals can be put on to. They came from Artsy Walls and More.

The last thing I pulled out was this book. It is a little devotional that is 52 weeks long. It is by Ashley Bufe. It can be purchased here. Ashley Bufe's Facebook page can be found here. I love devotionals, because they help me go deeper in my relationship with God.


 All in all, I really enjoyed opening my God's Glory Box. The items are amazing and they fulfill the reminder that they are spreading God's glory. I hope you subscribe to their monthly box and when you subscribe you can use one of the following codes:
FaithHopeLove5: $5 off a 1 month plan.
FaithHopeLove10: $10 off any long-term plan.
I hope you subscribe to one of these plans, because not only do you help me, but you also help God's Glory Box. You also ultimately help minister to those who need God's love and bring God the glory.

I am giving away TWO items (the items will be a surprise) from my box that I received. I would love for you to share my post so that others can have a chance to enter the giveaway. Click the giveaway link below to enter:

Enjoy the giveaway and I will announce the winner when the giveaway ends! As always, keep the faith, hope, and love in all you do!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal/GRWM

*This post does contain affiliate links. I am not getting paid to write about the products, however I am sure the company would love your business!

You probably have read and seen so many posts that reveal monthly bags or boxes. I know this is not in my niche. Just keep reading, and note that I am not a professional when it comes to the beauty niche. And before you tell me, I know I should only be posting once a week since I have so much to do before we make our big move. This week deserved a second post. I wanted to do something that is not exactly in my blog niche. As a stay at home mom, treating myself is a must so that I can relax and be the best mom to our kids. Especially right now, as I am a solo parent during the school week. One way I treat myself is I have a subscription to Ipsy Glam Bags. Putting on makeup is a way I treat myself, because it makes me feel good even if I don't go anywhere. This post will be the September Ipsy Glam Bag reveal and after the reveal will be a GRWM (get ready with me) in picture form.

Before the reveal let me tell why I love Ipsy glam bags. I have been receiving them since March of this year. Yes, I know, I'm finally getting around to starting an Ipsy glam bag reveal. I love the glam bags because they feature 5 beauty sample products. The samples are all top name makeup products such as Tarte, M.A.C., Smashbox, Marc Anthony, Too Faced, OFRA, and Kokia Cosmetics to name a few. There are many more than the ones I listed. You can sign up using my referral link here. I highly recommend the Ipsy glam bags. They are only $10 (U.S. currency) a month. You can't beat that and you get high quality beauty samples. If you are a woman who needs pampering (the bag will have items to pamper yourself) or if you are a guy who knows a woman that needs pampering, subscribe to Ipsy. It is worth it! Many of the samples I have gotten last me as long as a regular sized item from a drugstore. For instance, a few months ago I received a sample blush and I am still using it. A store bought regular size product would already be gone. That just gives you an idea of how long a sample can last.

IPSY Glam Bag Reveal
So here we go, here is the September Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal. I opened my package (which I forgot to picture that part) and I saw a black bag with eyelashes on it. It is the most adorable bag I have received so far.You can read all about the September bag here

These masks were not in the black bag because they were too big. I am excited to use them. They are made by BRTC.  I have recently gotten into trying different face masks (if you have a face mask for me to try, I would love to try it and review it for you). 

Next out of the bag was this detail flat definer brush. It is a Harley Quinn detail flate definer brush 110 made by Luxie Beauty. I used it in my GRWM pictures. 

The third thing I grabbed out of the bag was this hair miracle treatment by Marc Anthony. I am so excited to use this on my hair the next time I wash it. My hair is frizzy and using miracle treatments like this one help the frizziness.

The fourth thing out of the bag was this photo finish primer by Smashbox. I used this today as well in my GRWM. It goes on very smoothly and dries matte. It did not leave my skin feeling greasy, which is good because I don't like my skin to be greasy when applying makeup.

Lastly, I pulled out this very pretty eyeshadow box. It is an eyeshadow by Winky Lux. I love the packaging this little eyeshadow came in. It is very pretty for sure. I am hesitant about the purple color because I mainly wear neutral brown shades or neutral pink shades. Purple is a little out of my comfort zone makeup wise, but I will try it. I may just make a whole post devoted to it. 

Overall, I really love the bag for September. So again, I highly recommend you trying a subscription to Ipsy. Here is my referral link again:

Now on to my GRWM (get ready with me). I started with the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer that I shared above. This was in my September Ipsy glam bag. As I said above, I love how it went on my skin and it didn't leave my skin greasy.

Next, I applied my foundation which consists of Sassy Chic B&B cream in the shade light and E.L.F. prime and stay finishing powder in the shade fair/light.

After doing my foundation, I do my eyebrows. I used an eyebrow pencil that I got in my first Ipsy bag back in March (I told you the samples last a while). This is by Rodial and in the color dark ash brown. 

After my eyebrows, I do my eye makeup.For my eye makeup I used L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette in the shades trendy (I did not picture this). For my crease I used another glam bag item that I got in March by Doucce. It is is the freematic eyeshadow in the shade ariana, pictured below.

After my eyeshadow, I applied my eyeliner. This eyeliner is another glam bag item from the bag I got in May. If you can't tell, most of my makeup today is makeup I received in my past glam bags to show you all how long they last. This eyeliner is by Eyeko in the shade black. It is a travel sized eyeliner, however it has lasted me awhile. Partly, because I don't wear makeup everyday and when I do I don't wear much. 

Next came my mascara which is by L.A. Colors in the shade very black. 

Then I applied my blush, lip gloss, and setting spray and was set to go. My blush and lip gloss both were in past glam bags. The blush is by Kaleido Cosmetics in the color and the lip gloss is by OFRA in the color unzipped. After my makeup was applied I used my setting spray (not pictured). Like I said, most of my makeup today is from my Ipsy bags that I have received. The makeup lasts awhile. I hope my GRWM convinced you all to definitely try the Ipsy glam bags. Only $10 and you get a bag every month!

Here is my finished look. Let me know what you think and if you plan to try any of the products listed above. Also, let me know how I did on doing a post about beauty products. Like I said, it isn't my niche, but as a stay at home mom, this what I enjoy in my free time.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekly Update #1

It is Monday and I figured I would do my weekly updates on Mondays instead of Wednesdays . As I said in my last post, due to getting ready for a move soon, I'm only going to do weekly posts which will cover an array of items: answering questions that have been asked in a recent Q and A post, update on if we have found a house/moving, and just an update on our life in general. My posts, until I am able to do more than just one a week, will be titled Weekly Update with the number update that it is. This post is weekly update #1.

Before I get to the update I do have a question I need to answer from my Q and A post, which can be found here 

"What motivates me?"

Two different readers asked me this question. This question is pretty easy to answer. I have several things that motivate me and they are listed below.

1. My faith/religion. 
My faith motivates me to trust that God has a plan for my life. My faith motivates me to show Christ's love to others in hopes of changing just one life. My faith motivates me to believe, pray, worship, forgive, love, hope, give, serve, and be a light in a dark world. I hope through my blog and in my personal life that people see my faith and see how it motivates me to be a better wife, mom, friend, daughter, etc. My faith is why my blog is titled FaithHopeLove. As you can tell, my faith is a very big part of my life.

2. My husband and kids.
My husband and kids motivate me. I could probably write a book about how wonderful they are and how they motivate me. I will condense it though. I love taking care of family. They are the reason why I wake up and do what I do as a wife and mom. My husband is always encouraging me, always listening, always loving, and always there for the kids and I no matter what. He really is the most amazing man. He loves God and loves his family. His support in what I do means more than he will ever know.
Our kids love telling me how I am the best mommy ever and how much they love me. I can also see their support for me in their eyes and in their smile. Our kids are so precious and they motivate me in ways that they don't understand yet. My husband and kids are such a blessing to me and I love them so much. I do not know what my life would be like without them.

My wonderful husband and I.
Our precious kids.

3. Miscellaneous
Other people that motivate me are my family, my friends, my church, my community, and my blog readers. It is such a blessing to have such wonderful family beyond my husband and kids. My group of friends is the best group of friends. It is also a blessing to be apart of an amazing church and community. I am so blessed to have great readers who love reading about my faith, my family, and my life. Without all of these people in my life I don't know who I'd be. Everyone in this group of people have shaped me in some way and I am thankful for their impact on my life. Their impact on my life is what motivates me.

There you have it, the top three things that motivate me. I am so happy to have been asked that question. If you have any questions for me, click the link I shared above and ask a question on the post.

If you have been reading recently, you will know we will be moving soon, so now on to that update. Remember, I said I was going to have an array of items all in one post.

We have not moved yet. My husband and I have two good leads on two different houses that will be available to rent in a few weeks. They are both near the school where my husband teaches. They both would be big enough for our family of seven. With today being Monday, that means my husband left yesterday afternoon to go to where his school is located for the week (2 and 1/2 hours from our current location). He will be home again on Friday. Being apart for 5 days has not been too terrible. Our kids and I, of course, miss him. However, we have gotten into a routine with him being away during the school week. I am continuing to purge things we do not need or want. It definitely feels good to purge things we don't need. Some of what I am purging I am also giving away. That also feels good, to give things to people who need them. I am also packing up a box or two a day with things I know we won't need until we are moved. A moving tip, it never too early to pack things because you don't want to be doing it at the last minute.

Lastly, the first day of fall/autumn started on Saturday. We live in Kentucky so sometimes our fall/autumn is warmer than others, but this week is going to be cooling off a lot. I am so excited for the cooler weather! Who else is excited for the cooler weather? I will be busy this week getting summer clothes put away and bringing out fall clothes. I will post again next Monday where I will answer another question and give another update. Until then, keep the faith, hope, and love.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hitting the Pause Button

Before you think this a post about movies (because I used the term pause button in my title), let me just say you will not find anything about movies in this post. If you have been reading my recent posts, you will know that my family and I will eventually be moving (hopefully within the next month). My husband got a teaching job which requires a move. Currently my husband drives to where his school is located on Sunday evenings and comes home on Friday evenings (only 2 and 1/2 hours). We will need a home closer to his school so that we can all be together. Being apart during the week has not been good (we've only been doing this for 2 weeks). We are hoping we have a lead on a home (yay!).

I have been writing a lot more lately, which is very therapeutic for me. With everything that is going on with finding a place to live, beginning the packing process (packing things I know we won't need again until we move), and juggling life as being the only parent Monday through Friday, I am finding that keeping up with my blog is becoming slightly difficult. I may still post one post a week to keep my readers up to date. However, I won't be able to do 2-5 posts a week that I had been doing since coming back from my small break. In a way I am hitting the pause button on my blog. Also, if you have been keeping up, then you will know that I started a Q&A area on my blog. I will try to still answer one question a week and incorporate our moving update in that post. I know many of my readers can't wait to have their questions answered (I love that you all asked me so many questions here) and I know many of my readers are following our moving journey (check out the pictures below of some of our boxes that are packed). I will try to do my weekly post on Wednesdays. Check back every Thursday to see if I have posted. If I haven't, at least this post tells you why.

I hope my readers are doing well. I ask you all to send us good thoughts and prayers that we find a new home quickly and that everything with our move goes smoothly. I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is why my husband finally has a teaching and why our lives are changing for the better. God is good! He has a plan that is far better than ours. As crazy as our life will be in the next month or so, we know it will all come together, because our God is in control! If you are going through anything like we are (check out the verses below that have been helping me), just remember blessings are amazing and to keep the faith, hope, and love through anything!

Using color duct tape to color code boxes.
A big black sharpie marker is very handy!