Thursday, February 7, 2019

How Are The Boys With Their Sister

It is Thursday, which means I am answering a question that one of my readers asked me on my Q&A post. I loved that you, me readers, have asked me questions so you all can get to know me better. If you have not asked me a question about my life, whether it is about my marriage, my parenting, or my faith, then feel free to ask a question in the comments.

The question I am answering today is, "How are the boys with their sister?"

For those that are new to reading my blog posts, my husband and I have five kids (four boys and one girl). Our daughter is the youngest. She has FOUR big brothers.
The most recent picture of all 5, enjoying a day in their pajamas.
An older picture of all 5 from 2017.
Our boys have been fantastic with her since the day she came home from the hospital! I think pictures can paint a better picture of how they are with their sister.
Logan with Leliana the day she came home.
Logan with her on her 1st birthday!
Landon and Leliana
Landon and Leliana on her 1st birthday.
Liam and Leliana
Liam and Leliana on her 1st birthday.
Lucas and Leliana, not the day she came home. It took him a little longer to warm up to her.
Lucas and Leliana on 1st birthday.
They love her so much and they include her in everything they do. She also loves her big brothers and follows them wherever they go in the house. I know our older three boys (Logan, Landon, and Liam) love their sister and I am sure they will have their special bond with her as they get older.

The brother that will have a very special bond with Leliana is Lucas. He gets the most time with her at home while Logan, Landon, and Liam are in school. Lucas and Leliana are just shy of 17 months apart so they are close in age. They also share room so that helps with their sibling bond. Here are some pictures over the past year of them together. The sibling love is definitely there!
Chilling at home.
Getting ready for errands.
Having a tea party.
It really makes my heart so full when I see the boys with their sister. Like I said, all four boys are great with her. Leliana will be very protected by them. They care so much about her already. If she is hurt they come tell me. If she can't figure a toy out, they are quick to help her. Recently she learned to walk and Lucas would go to her and make sure she didn't fall down.

I cannot wait to see the sibling bond between her and her brothers as they get older. People tell us all the time that she won't ever have a boyfriend (according to my husband that will be true), because her brothers may never let a guy come around her. One thing is for sure, Leliana is very loved by the boys. I know her brothers will be there for her anytime she needs them. We are so proud of our boys and their big hearts for their sister. They are such good big brothers to Leliana.

This post was about the boys with their sister. I am planning a separate post about the brotherly love between the boys. That one will be entertaining for sure! I hope you enjoyed reading about the boys and how they treat their little sister. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, the pictures tell way more than I could put into words.

If you haven't asked me a question, feel free to comment with one! Next Thursday's question will be "What's The Biggest Change Having A Girl After Four Boys?" You don't want to miss that post.


  1. I have neither children nor brothers nor sisters, for this I can not understand what you are talking about, but also for this I love to read it!

  2. This is awesome! I never had a sister but i can imagine how different the dynamics would have been if I had one. Great read.


  3. It is so wonderful to see the love between siblings, such a special bond!! I have both a brother and a sister and the relationship with each is so incredibly different! Love it

  4. I only have two daughters and it's so nice to see your boys with their sister. What a lovely family, thanks for sharing witht us.

  5. I bet the boys are going to be so protective of their little sister as they start to get older. It must be nice to see them close x

  6. What a beautiful family! I have a big brother, so from my experience I know that big brothers can be over protectors!

  7. How sweet! I always wanted a big brother :) Your little girl will have lots of protectors as she gets older :) :)

  8. She won't have a boyfriend but since she has lots of big brothers, the boys' friends will hang around! Your sons will have eagle-eyes on all of their friends. Your daughter is fortunate to have 4 loving brothers!

  9. Good to know the boys love their sister and include her in everything. That is amazing.

  10. It is so nice to read about how well your children get along. Your daughter is lucky to have 4 older brothers to look after her.

  11. How sweet to be the only girl and the baby. My daughter has 3 brothers, but only 2 are older.

  12. I dont have kid neither own siblings but I have cousins. I believe theres always a great bond between the siblings.

  13. That's so great they love on their sister so much. I always wanted one when I was little. Had a harder relationship with my brother which is unfortunate.

  14. She is going to be the MOST protected girl on the planet, that is for sure. What a fun family dynamic you have!


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