Friday, February 8, 2019

Books for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is less than a week away! If you don't have a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife the the clock is definitely ticking down. I have my gift for my husband and he also has his gift for me. We did not procrastinate this year in getting gifts for each other. Valentine's Day is special for my husband and I because it was when we had our first date 11 years ago.

If you are a parent who has to supply your kids with Valentine's cards/treat bags/boxes, the clock is also ticking down for you. We will have 4 kids in school this year for Valentine's Day so we will be working on their cards for their class card exchange this weekend as well as their 'mailboxes' for the cards and treat bags.

Not only is it a special day for my husband and I, but it is also a fun day for our kids. We like to do Valentine's related crafts (look for that post this weekend) and read Valentine's books. One reason why we do this is because Valentine's Day is such a special day for my husband and I. We want our kids to grow up knowing how special the day is for us.

Our kids love to read. I love to collect books for our kids that pertain to each holiday we celebrate. Of course, one of those holidays is Valentine's Day. There are so many books for kids that are related to Valentine's Day. We are lucky to have a few in our book collection. I have picked five books that we own to share with you. I hope, if you purchase the books, that your kids will enjoy them as well.

Here are five books that we like to read every year (links to purchase them are also included):

 Guess How Much I Love You
This book shares the love between a parent and a child and exactly how much love there is.
I Love You, Too
This book is so special because it displays the love between a mother and her child. It is one we enjoy snuggling up to.
 The Story Of Valentine's Day
I love how well this book gives a short history lesson on what Valentine's Day is.
 Where Do Kisses Come From?
This books explains very well for children to understand where kisses come from. There are many different animals portrayed in which they give kisses to their kids. Your child can learn names of animals while snuggling up and giving you kisses.
 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose
Taken from the back cover: "You won't believe why this old lady swallowed a rose, some lace, some glitter, candy, a jewel, some hearts, and a card."
If you love the original book, 'There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly' then you will love this book for your kids.
Do any of these books sound interesting for you and your child? What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day traditions?

Stay tuned for a Valentine's Day craft post!


  1. I love the book idea with three grandsons, I am always looking for ways to spend quality time with them. These are cute choices!

  2. Those are great recommendations! I might have to grab a couple on amazon!

  3. Great suggestion! My kids love having special books about each holiday! :)

  4. My husband and I do not celebrate this holiday at all, so no gifts here! But his birthday is in a month, and I already have a gift for him for that day which I am pretty pumped about :)

  5. I love Valentine's Day, especially now that my littles are old enough to enjoy it. We have so much fun celebrating and reading books like these are a favorite activity.

  6. Love this little list. Inspires me to start a little collection of books about love to read to my own kiddos. Thanks for this idea!

  7. My kids would love "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose"! They love having me recreate the fly version, I just know they'd love this one.

  8. This list is so precious. SO happy you shared it with us !

    Dessy | | Fashion Blog

  9. These are great picks! I love children’s literature.

  10. I am loving the book idea, how unique and wonderful.

  11. Books are a great idea for Valentine's Day or other holidays. I've often gotten my nieces and nephew new holiday related books. It's one of those gifts they can use multiple times.

  12. These are great books! My daughter loves all books but we’ve read all of these at some point over and over again since she loves them

  13. I want all of these books! They are some of my favorite kids books!

  14. Great picks! I would have bought all of these if my kids were still young. These are good books to read with your child any time of the year. I will surely recommend this to friends and family with young children.

  15. These are really nice books for the gift. I didn't know about them. I think it'd be best valentine's day gift for my children.

  16. Awww...these books are lovely for little children. My kids would have loved reading these books with me when they were little.

  17. Wow! These are great! Kids definitely enjoying and love these books for sure! I love the idea!

  18. Those look like some awesome books would love to have them


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