Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Past Three Months

It will be three months tomorrow since I last posted a blog post. The holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year) were definitely busy for my family and I. Top the holiday craziness with school breaks, appointments, and some birthdays in the family as my reasoning for not blogging for THREE months!

A lot has happened in the past three months. The first is that we found out that we are expecting our 5th baby. We found out in the middle of October that we are adding Martin baby #5 in June. We are very excited and a lot has happened concerning the pregnancy. That will be a separate blog post. Stay tuned for that. Here is our announcement picture.

We had a wonderful Halloween with the kids. It was Lucas's (our 4th) first Halloween. Logan and Landon were another year older and they definitely understood more about how to say trick or treat. Liam even caught on to the Halloween fun toward the end of the evening. Logan was Buzz Lightyear, Landon was a Fire Fighter, Liam was a Dalmatian, and Lucas was Perry the Platypus. We haven't really been into themed Halloweens as far as dressing up. Here are a few pictures that capture our Halloween 2016.

Thanksgiving was also a really nice day. It was the first without my husband's dad which made the day rough. Rob and I had his mom over so it was just us and the boys. We enjoyed a nice lunch/dinner and just spent the day relaxing. I am thankful for my husband, my boys, our little baby on the way, my family (Rob's side and my side), my friends, and ultimately my faith and that God sent his son to die for my sins.

Of course in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we celebrated some birthdays in our family. We celebrated the 1st birthday of our puppies, Landon's 4th birthday, and Lucas's 1st birthday. December is a big birthday month for our family. I cannot believe Lucas is a year old. He is doing everything except walking (he is cruising). He weaned from nursing very well. He isn't a fan of whole milk (the milk that babies start drinking at a year old). Lucas loves almond milk. I think it is because it is sweet like the milk he was getting from me. Landon is such a big 4 year old! He is talking a lot more than he was at 3 years old. He is doing very well in preschool and in speech therapy. He is doing really well with his BAHA and his doctors have given us great reports about his progress with his BAHA and his journey with Microtia. He is growing so fast and meeting his milestones very well! Landon makes us laugh a lot. Both Landon and Lucas are such blessings to our family.

We threw a combined birthday party for Landon and Lucas. It was titled May the FOURTH be with you in a Winter ONEderland. If you didn't catch the two themes with the title, it was Star Wars and Winter Wonderland. Our guests had a wonderful time and the party went very well.

I feel like this post is very long, mainly due to the pictures so I will make a separate Christmas post. Before I write about our Christmas, I will be writing about my pregnancy thus far. I hope you have enjoyed the updates on our family to this point. I hope I don't go three months without writing in my blog. I love writing about my family. I write more on here than I do on Facebook. I hope my readers and my Facebook friends that read my posts had a wonderful holiday season and a wonderful end to 2016. Let's make 2017 an awesome year with a lot of faith, hope, and love!


  1. Congrats! We are expecting as well, due in August! Will be following along ��

  2. Cute pics! Congrats on baby #5, and blessings to you!

  3. Congratulations on baby #5! What a sweet blessing from the Lord!


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