Friday, April 28, 2017

Nursery Art Decoration Project

As my readers know, I really like to look at Pinterest for ideas on pretty much everything. I have done some small DIY (do it yourself) projects in the past, but I have not recorded them in blog form. This project I thought I would take the time to record in blog form which means taking pictures of the progress.

The DIY project is a picture for our baby girl's room. The idea that I found from Pinterest was to cut out hearts from baby shower cards, put them on to card stock or some other kind of paper and frame it for the baby's room. You can find the original idea here: Instead of just doing cards from my baby shower, I decided to add my own twist to this project. I cut out hearts from the gift bags that the presents came in.

One of the gift bags before I cut hearts from it. 
I drew the size heart I wanted on a bag and used it as the template for me to trace the rest of the hearts.

Ah, template!
As I was cutting out hearts from the gift bags, another idea came into my head. I decided it would be awesome to write on the back of the heart who the gift bag that the gift came in was from. After putting the hearts on to the card stock, I could write on the back of the card stock the name who the gift bag came from that the heart was cut from.

I wrote on the back of the heart.
Once I put the heart on the construction paper (the color matches the nursery so I went with it), I wrote the name on the back of the paper. You won't see this because it will be in a frame. 

Once I had all the hearts cut out it was time to place them on to card stock. I used construction paper because the color matches our nursery theme perfectly! Plus, construction paper is still sturdy. I was going to glue the hearts on, but then I remembered that I have this awesome sticker maker. I like to scrapbook and I enjoy making my own stickers. So instead of glue, I turned the hearts into stickers and it made putting the hearts on to my paper a lot easier. It was also less messy as well.

All my hearts in a nice stack.
My sticker maker! You can find these at any craft store.

This project took roughly 4-6 hours. I had to break it down because I only was able to work on it when my older four children were at school/napping/sleeping. Even though it is time consuming, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love making things for my kids and I definitely think this will be something that our baby girl will treasure. We will also treasure it as well. Here are more pictures of the progress.

Template and a tracing.
One of the baby shower cards I used.
Placed hearts! Rows of 5 hearts is how I did this.
So what did I used as a frame? Dollar tree has some fake wood frame for diplomas. I already had one that I wasn't using so I whipped it out and painted it white. You will want to remove the back of the frame as well as the glass so that neither of those get paint on them.

Frame already painted. Forgot to take a picture of the frame before painting.
I got this paint from Wal-Mart. I got a big bottle, but a small one should be fine.
 And here is the finished project. I think this is something our daughter will cherish!

 I know not everyone is crafty, and hey we all have things we enjoy doing, being crafty is something I enjoy. If you are crafty, let me know if this something you might plan to do. Let me know if this something you already have done. If you aren't crafty and are thinking this would be something you want done for you, click on my contact me tab at the top. As I was doing this project, I thought this could be cool to do for those that aren't crafty, yet would still want something like this for their nursery or for their home. The original Pinterest post said this could also be done with wedding cards. And since I did mine with baby shower gift bags, you could do this with wedding shower gift bags. Graduation season is coming up, you could also do something like this with graduation cards/graduation present gift bags. You could also do this with a special birthday (1st birthday, 13th birthday, 16th birthday, 18th birthday). Definitely let me know what you think of this and feel free to share this post!




  1. This is a really cute idea! Sometimes yhe best projects are time consuming, but it's okay because it shows how much love a dedication was put into it.

  2. This is a very cute and unique craft project. I'm also very crafty but as my children are much older now my upcycling projects tend to be furniture etc. Here's a link to a 50's vintage glass cabinet you might like that I upcycled...

  3. That's so effective (cute) and it's recycling to so I'm all for that! #gogreen :)

  4. This makes a really lovely keepsake, such a great idea!

  5. This is such a sweet idea and it seems quite straightforward to make (although I'd probably mess it up and glue my face to something instead). I'm going to keep a note of this in case I ever have kids as it's definitely something I'd like to have hanging in their room.

  6. This is SUCH a cute idea! I love crafts, especially crafts that my little ones can appreciate too. Love it!

  7. What a cute idea. I love little keepsakes like this.

  8. Awesome idea. I still don`t have nursery room but I will make some alterations and I am using this idea for my living room.

  9. Wow this is a really cute idea. I never done much crafting while I was pregnant, I was just so tired. I wished I did do something like this though. Great keepsakes.

  10. oh my this is totally cool! i love the idea, i was looking through some cards recently and thinking its time to get rid of them but they bring back nice memories this is suc a good way to preserve the memories!

  11. This is such a lovely idea! Love how you decided to recycle gift bags for the project as well! The finished product looks lovely, I wouldn't mind recreating that idea for my friends daughter!

  12. What a fun way to decorate your daughter's room. I love the sweet saying on the back of the hearts .. and that the thoughtful gift givers will be remembered.

  13. Such a great idea of up-cycling! I would never thing of doing as artsy thing from gift bags!!!

  14. That is such a brilliant idea and the end result is so pretty.

  15. Pinterest is such a cool place to find all sorts of inspiration, especially for some easy DIY ideas.

  16. This is a beautiful way to make a keepsake for those memorable moments in life. I love how yours turned out.

  17. That's a really lovely idea and creates a lovely keepsake that you can treasure for always. It also looks pretty too!!!!


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