Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Put Down the To-Do List

Moms constantly have a to do list. At times the list of things to get done is never ending. I know when I wake up my mind fills up with the tasks that need done for the day. Lately, I have been reminding myself that the to do list can wait because my children cannot wait.
Moms say that it is a good if such and such gets done. We should be saying that it is a good day because we spent time with our kids instead of worrying about that such and such thing.

When my to do list gets put down I find that I am in a better mood because I am not worrying anymore. Instead, I trust that my to do list will get completed in due time.

So moms and even dads reading this, put your to do list down and feel a burden lifted so that you can enjoy time with your kids. Kids are only little for a little while.

Love this quote!

I don't have to fear the future. I can laugh and be stress free.

This is such a great verse. Reminds me where my focus needs to me.

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