Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Happenings and Lessons

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote. I will be honest, there were so many times I wanted to sit down and write, but once I sat down, I needed to get up and do something with one of the boys or our dogs. Plus, I experienced a summer cold which made me super lazy...haha! August has been quite a month. The start of school and all of the adjustments that come with getting us and the boys onto the school schedule.

Landon started preschool on August 22 and he goes twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. He absolutely loves it! On those days, I only have Liam and Lucas. Lucas doesn't understand why his brothers leave, but Liam sure does and he will walk around when they are in school hollering for them. It is cute, but also sad. He is always happy when they come back home. The three days that Landon is not in school, are the days I will be 'homeschooling' him and working more with him on things he is learning at preschool. The first week of school while Logan was in school, but Landon was not, our motivation was up and great. We accomplished three letters and tracing the alphabet with paint and a q-tip (found on Pinterest). Last week when I was sick and so far this week, we have not been as productive. I am hoping  Friday and next week will be more productive as far as 'homeschooling' Landon.

First Day of Preschool

Picture Day on August 25

Liam turned two on August 19! I cannot believe he is two! These last two years have gone by so fast! We had a party for him with all of our friends and family that is in the area. It was a Curious George themed birthday party. Making Liam's cake was so much fun! Pictured below, I made three little cakes that looked like balloons and printed off a picture of George holding balloons. Liam loves balloons and George. He loved his cake! Liam was unsure of what to do with the candle, hopefully for his 3rd birthday he will know what to do. He recently had a checkup and weighs 29lbs. and is 2ft.8in. tall. Liam may be 2, but he is still rear facing in car seat. I definitely enjoy the two days where my attention is on Liam while Lucas naps.

What he thinks about turning 2!

Lucas turned 8 months old on August 22. He is sitting up like a pro and has recently begun army crawling. It won't be long before he is crawling for real. He is also pulling himself up when he gets himself sitting on his knees. Again, it also won't be long before he is pulling himself up and cruising. He is eating baby food and is still nursing quite a bit during the day. He is a pretty happy baby unless he is hungry. Lucas has 4 teeth! He went from no teeth to four inside of 2-4 weeks...haha! He is growing so fast and I can't believe how fast 8 months can go.

Logan is doing well in school. We have had a few issues arise, but we are working on those. He seems to love Kindergarten. He will be SIX this Sunday! I can't believe he is in Kindergarten and will be turning six. He will need two hands to show how old he is. He is a great a kid and a very sweet kid. Yesterday was breakfast with moms at his school and I enjoyed that time with just Logan and eating breakfast with him. He put jelly on his toast all by himself, which blew me away because I had no idea he knew how to do that. He listened when his grade was called to go to their rooms. He got his backpack and went to his classroom. He didn't need me to help him. I almost cried, because it was then I realized that I am needed less and less. Logan is getting independent as the days go by.
Yesterday, also, reminded me again that I need to enjoy the moments where I am needed, especially by Liam and Lucas. The days go slow, but the years go so fast.

God has blessed me so much with these four little boys. I am so happy to be able to write and share about their accomplishments. I am a very proud mama! I am thankful for their teachers who teach them, our friends who help us with the village mentality, and for family members who love them as much as Rob and I do.

We have had a busy August and in the past month, God helped me to see that I need to slow down, even in the busy moments, and take in every moment and every memory. There were some stressful moments this month, but God was my strength. I prayed every morning, and God worked in the way I asked Him to every day. I am so thankful that I really and truly relied on God for strength and energy. God has been working on me to truly rely on Him for ALL my needs. I have seen what God has done when I do that. He takes away the stress and gives me peace. He gives my whole family peace.

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