Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kids Getting Along

If you are a parent, I am sure you don't like when your kids fight. I know when my boys fight, it really brings me down and makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. Like adults, kids will have their days when they just won't agree. It stinks to see our kids fight. I understand how much it stinks to see kids fight. It can sometimes seem like they fight more than they like each other.

I try to find ways to for them to avoid fights, such as having them compromise about a toy or a game they are playing. I also try giving them time apart, which might include an outing with just one of my boys to spending one on one time with him. With four boys, I try to switch who each of them plays with so the combinations are: Logan and Landon, Logan and Liam, Logan and Lucas, Landon and Liam, Landon and Lucas, Lucas and Liam. Not all of my tricks work. I just sometimes have to accept that since they are little and trying to figure out their emotions, that they will get frustrated with one another.

Today, they have been getting along. There have been very few fights. I am not sure what I've done today to have them all play so well and get along, but I am very grateful. They even gave each other big hugs all morning before lunch.

When I took this picture, my heart just got so full and blessed. I know they love each other! On days when they fight, I look at pictures like these and know that as they get older, they will become closer and be the best of friends. Rob and his two brothers are really close. I've heard the stories of their brotherly fights. Now that they are adults, they are super close.

If your kids fight non stop, don't worry, it won't always be like that. Once they are older, you will look back and laugh at some of the fights they had. If it seems like your kids fight all of the time, just remember that they are still little and still figuring out their emotions. Definitely soak in the moments when they get along and breathe a sigh of relief that you are doing great job! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise and don't let any setbacks get you down.


  1. "....train up a child in the way....."

  2. Very cute picture. It looks like there is a lot of love in the family.

  3. I just LOVE everything about this. I could feel your compassion for children through your writing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful writing... Really loved reading your post! The picture you shared is so cute!


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