Monday, April 11, 2016

A Super Mom

I have been told I'm a super mom. If you are a mom and reading this, I'm sure you have been told you are a super mom too. I'm not really sure what makes me a super mom. For me super equals perfect and I will admit I am NOT perfect. I make mistakes in my mothering, in my marriage, and in my friendships. If people saw those mistakes, then I think being called a super mom would quickly dissolve.

Even those that do see my mistakes still think I'm a super mom. I try to keep a routine for my boys and for my puppies. I try to do my best to stick to a schedule. I try my best to do crafts and others activities with my boys. I try my best to feed them healthy. I even try my best to try new things from Pinterest. Maybe if trying my best equals being a super mom then maybe I am a super mom.

Maybe being a super mom means you know you aren't perfect but you give it all you have every single day. I know I do my best every single day. We have our days where things don't go as smoothly as we like but at the end of the rough days my boys are still happy.

Maybe being a super mom is hearing three words from your kids that make your heart melt and reassure that you are rocking at this  mom thing. My boys tell me they love me at the end of each day. They will even tell me at random times during the day.

There could be so many definitions of a super mom. One thing is for certain, it does not mean you have to be perfect.  There is only one person who was and is perfect, Jesus. He gives me what I need and I try my best while God fills in the empty spaces. I am learning I don't have to be perfect to be a super mom. As long as I do my best and my children and family are happy then that means I am pretty super.

I am thankful that God fills in my empty spaces so I don't have to do everything on my own.


  1. This is so applicable at so many stages of life! I'm not a mom due to infertility, but I replaced "woman" in your blog-- There are so many times I feel like I'm not enough and then I remember that HE is enough-- <3

  2. All that we have is Jesus - and that's super enough for me :D

  3. That's great that your kids tell you they love you at random times. I know any time my kids have said that it makes me melt too.

  4. being a mom is def a super power. we do the best we can for our kids.

  5. It's a great comfort knowing that we don't have to be a super mom because we serve a super God!

  6. I think parents are super whether mom or dad. Parenting is not for sissies at all

  7. It wasn't until I became a parent, that I realized how "super" my own parents were. I mean this stuff isn't for the faint of heart, or the quitters, or the do half wayers! Thankfully, even though we do fail, God's super strength and grace are always enough to pull us through.


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