Thursday, January 7, 2016

Life to the Full/Christmas Memories

The past two weeks have not been easy for my husband and his family. My husband's father (John) passed away Christmas eve, just two days after Lucas was born. We have heard the words that God has a reason and God has a plan but it is hard for us to understand especially at a time that was supposed to be a happy time for our family. Lucas has been a blessing during this time. It is hard to fully grasp but God knew we would need Lucas.

If we knew everything about God and how He works then we wouldn't have anything left to learn about God. I think that is why we don't always know how everything will work out. That is why we don't have all the answers (as much as we wish we did). We are still trusting God but some days it is hard because we want to be mad at God. We do know God has us in his arms and He will carry us through.

In the past two weeks I have seen how short life is and that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. God has given us life and calls us to live life to the full (John 10:10). The Bible also says to make the most of our time (Ephesians 5:16). Not only are those my resolutions for 2016 but I think Rob's dad would want us to live out those verses. In the time I knew John, he definitely lived out those verses. He made the most of every opportunity here on earth in his ministry and lived life to the full.

Before John passed away he wrote a post for my blog about Christmas memories with his grandsons. Here it is:

Christmas Memories

As we trim the tree and make the pumpkin bread our preparations are almost complete.  It is so much fun to watch my children teaching their children about the meaning of Christmas.   Here is a grandads top ten list of Christmas with the grandkids.

10.  The joy on the faces of the grandkids when they see the presents around the tree.
9.    The joy on the faces of the kids as they watch their kids.
8.    Watching the kids as they talk with “Santa Clause”
7.    Enjoying the Christmas meal with the family
6.    Watching all the grandparents buying the gifts for the grandkids
5.    Watching the kids as they sing in the Christmas pageant at Church
4.    Seeing the wide eyes of the grandkids as they hear the Christmas story
3.    Watching as the kids make their wish list and writing Santa a letter
2.   Seeing the kids eyes light up as they see Christmas light displays
1.    Driving off after the kids open up their special noisy presents that don’t go home with grandpa and Grandma

*Continue to keep my husband and his family in your prayers.*

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  1. So sorry for y'all loss. Will be keep y'all in my prayers!


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