Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The LIttle Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy

As we near the holiday season my heart beats with excitement. It will be my second Christmas celebrating with my wonderful husband and our first Christmas with our baby girl. I can't wait for her to experience the lights, the family gatherings, the music, and the familiar joy that fills the hearts of all those near and far. This year particularly, I think of the popular Christmas song "The Little Drummer Boy." Though this song is a fictional depiction of a drummer boy appearing at the birth of Jesus to worship and adore him with his drum, I think it holds a great example for us this time of year! 

Here we have a poor little drummer boy who has heard of the birth of the Lord Jesus. He is called a newborn King in this song. Everyone is laying down their gifts for this newborn King...except the little drummer boy. He has nothing of monetary value to give. Instead he gives the only thing he has to offer, a song on his drum. It says that he played it for the baby Jesus who smiles at him. 

What a heart warming picture of how the Lord looks at us. We have absolutely nothing of monetary value to offer Him. He is King of the world, Lord of all! He has everything. But when we give Him our hearts it brings a smile to His face. He wants so much for us to be a part of His family and when we give Him our hearts and lives to use then we become one of His adopted children!

You see this picture of the little drummer boy can be a reminder to us not only of giving our hearts to Jesus but also that this season is not about the physical gifts we have to offer. Its about blessing others with our presence, our love, our joy. And its those gifts we should not only be ready and willing to give this time of year but at all times of the year. 

So next time you see Christmas lights outside someone's home, remember that little drummer boy and the light inside of him that made him want to give of Himself to bless the newborn King. My prayer is that this touches you in a new way and brings the true meaning of Christmas out for you as it has for me so many times. God bless and have a very Merry Christmas!
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