Saturday, November 21, 2015

Always the Same Question

I announced a few posts back that my husband and I are expecting our fourth boy. When people ask if we are excited, I respond that of course we are! Why would we not be excited?
This was the case when I was pregnant with Liam. I am not sure why people think parents of all boys or even all girls would be unhappy about the gender of their baby.
Children are blessings!
God has blessed us with four boys! Boys are awesome! They can be wild, sweet, and sometimes gross all at the same time. My boys teach me so much every day about life. They show me how a matchbox car and a dinosaur can be friends (no really, Logan does this). They show me how big their hearts are when they help out one of their brothers, myself, or a friend.
How can we not be excited for a fourth boy? Lucas will be just as sweet and most likely wild as he gets older as his three older brothers. I cannot wait to meet Lucas and neither can Rob.

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