Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Time Has Flown

It has been since summer since I have updated the blog. A lot has happened since July!

Logan started his last year of preschool and he is really enjoying it! He turned five in September and I cannot believe that next school year he will be in kindergarten!

Landon's speech has improved so much since the summer. We will be taking him back to Cincinnati for his ENT check and hearing check on December 14. He will be transitioning out of our early intervention program and into preschool very soon. Landon and Logan will be in the same preschool class starting December 8. I am a little nervous on how they will do together in the classroom setting but I also know Logan will be a big help for Landon.

Liam turned 1 in August and he just started walking two weeks ago. He still stumbles a bit but that is because he weighs 23lbs. so he is a little top heavy. Once he figures out how to handle his weight he won't stumble as much.

I have been homeschooling Landon and Logan on the days that Logan is not in school. We are currently just going through the alphabet and doing crafts to go with each letter. We have also done some fall crafts as well. 

Since it has been a while since I have updated, I will announce that we are expecting in 2016. God is blessing us with a 4th baby boy!! His name will be Lucas. We are excited to add to our family!

I cannot believe how fast time has flown since summer. There are days when I wish time would slow down. I have been challenged by other bloggers and even my friends and family to soak everything in and not to take anything for granted.

God is so good and I have been focusing on what God has done for our family rather than what He hasn't done for our family. I am blessed with great friends who have been challenging me in my faith (posts to come about that) and they have been holding me accountable.  I am even more blessed with a husband who is making sure God is first for our family. We have started family Bible studies and with our growing family finding time to spend with God is very important. I have written in the past how finding that time with God is a struggle but it has not been a struggle lately. It has been the first priority and definitely what I need to grow as a woman, wife, and mother. 

I am happy to be back to writing again. I am sure those that blog along with me can understand how great writing can be for you. Here are some pictures from the big events of the last few months!

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