Saturday, April 18, 2015

Laughter is the BEST Medicine!

I have a coffee mug that I got as a Christmas present from a dear friend of mine. On it is one simple word: 'laugh'. I use it every morning. Mornings here can be a little crazy but when I take a sip of my coffee or tea and I read that word, laugh, I stop and look around and find joy in the crazy moments. If you read my blog, you know I struggle with stress and being worried over everything but I'm learning to find joy in everything instead of seeing things to be stressed over.

Last week when my boys dumped all their toys all over the living room, instead of stressing out and seeing a mess I took a moment and laughed. I found joy in that they were playing hard surrounded by all of their toys.

I still have my moments of wanting to stress out about things instead of finding joy but then I take a sip of my coffee and am instantly reminded to laugh. I can laugh at myself for thinking a situation was stressful. I think I create my own stress. I just need to relax. I need to stay calm. I need to laugh because laughter is the best medicine. I need to find joy.

The Bible talks so much about laughter. Here are some verses:

So, I challenge you as well as myself to laugh today. Find reasons to laugh instead of worry.

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  1. Love this, shared it on my FB, thanks for reminding us of what God's word says about laughter. The Joy of the Lord is our strength! Blessings my friend!


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