Monday, September 22, 2014

My Help Is Gone Yet Not Gone

I was going to blog about something different but as I opened by blogger God swept over me something else to share. Our help with Liam, Logan, and Landon came to end and Rob's parents and my grandparents came and went. It was great to have extra hands and at the same time I became anxious wondering how I will adjust, how my family will adjust, and how the boys will adjust.

Though my physical help is gone, my spiritual help is always by side. God is my help always. He is there for me to lean on when things may seem crazy. He will give me the peace, the guidance, and the wisdom to get through those times that are crazy. Everything that I worried about before worked itself out. I have a big problem with worrying too (it really gets the best of me) much about silly stuff. God is there, working everything out. He knows how everything will play out tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. All I have to do is sit and listen and ultimately TRUST! 

Things will get done when they get done. My ultimate priority is to my kids and everything else will get done around them. Worrying about housework, activities, appointments, shopping trips won't do anything but cause stress. The less I worry, the more joy and love I can give to my family, friends, and others around me. I know God is working on my heart when it comes to worrying and I am working on myself too.

Our new routine is falling into place and we have adjusted very well (again there was nothing for me to worry about). Logan loves to be my big helper and Landon likes to help Logan. They love their new brother and it warms my heart how they interact with him. When I look at all three of them, I have so much love for them and so much joy. I know I am truly blessed.

The following pictures are verses and a song by Chris Tomlin that has been my heart and going through my head to remind me to not worry and that God is there for me to talk to and to give my worries (big and small) to.

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