Friday, May 2, 2014

We've Got Ears!

I do believe my kids have been watching too much Mickey Mouse, especially since I am titling my blog post with something from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Such is life of a stay at home! The title of the post definitely fits well with what I will be sharing As many of you know I took Landon on Monday to Cincinnati Children's Hospital to see the ENT doctor (ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat), Dr. Choo. We also saw the audiologist as well. We got a very good report from both doctors! In November, Landon had a lot of fluid build up in his left ear and audiologist had said if he still had a fluid they would consider a tube in his left ear. The ENT took a look and there is not as much fluid as there was in November (possible thanks to allergy medicine) and he said he wants to see Landon again in July and if he still has any fluid at all then we will discuss the possibility of a tube.Good news, no tube as of right now!

We saw the audiologist and she did another hearing test on Landon's left ear (the test results in November were not great because of that fluid he had). This time around, the test results were significantly better and he can definitely hear out of his left ear. She also did an aided hearing test on his right ear (aided means with his BAHA) and the test results showed that the BAHA is doing its job and it does help his hearing.

This past week we have been teaching Landon more signs. He mastered a few weeks ago the sign for more. This week he has mastered the sign for please and he is close to mastering thank you (although what he does for thank you is a wave to himself which I kind of consider close enough). We  have ears and we have more communication! I am beyond thrilled at how far he has come in the past 6 months! I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months hold for him and even the next 18 years of his life!

Last week I had a conference with Logan's pre-school teacher and she said he has matured so much in this school year and that he is doing very well in school. He no longer will hit the other kids and his attention span has improved so much. I am also thrilled at the progress that Logan has made in pre-school and am excited to see him continue to succeed.

I am a sad mommy. With all of their successes, I know my boys are growing up. Yes, I know I will have another little baby soon, but I am reminded at how fast time flies. As crazy as things will be when Liam arrives in August, I am going to soak up the little moments (sometimes with Logan and Landon I would forget to do that). Even now, in the midst of the chaos with the boys, I try to remember to enjoy the small things they do because they won't be little forever.

Worrying less and enjoying moments is what I have been striving to do as a New Year's Resolution. There have been days where I have failed but there have been days where I have succeeded. If I worry, it only distracts me from the blessings.

In whatever you do, I hope you too will take time to enjoy the little moments and worry less. 

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