Monday, April 21, 2014

The End Of April

April is almost over and I haven't blogged at all this month. April has been an amazing month! Winter finally decided to end and spring definitely sprung. We have enjoyed a lot of time outside with our friends on the weekends and I have enjoyed time outside with Logan and Landon during the week.

This past week has been the most eventful week of April. We found out that we are having another BOY! We do not have a name picked out quite yet, that will come hopefully before this baby boy arrives. I do want to touch on my emotions of finding out we are having another boy. I have had people ask me if I am disappointed. I can never be disappointed with what God has blessed me with. We had hoped and prayed for a girl but we know God is in control. God is blessing us with another boy. How can I be disappointed with a blessing? I can't. God is good. God has blessed me to be a mother to three boys. I will take that blessing and turn it around to give back to God with how I raise them and what I teach them. I am thankful and joyful for getting another baby boy in my life.

Also this past weekend, my grandparents came in for Easter and spend time with Rob, the boys, and I. We had all of our friends over Easter Sunday and celebrated that we are made new because of Christ's sacrifice for us. We had yummy food, an egg hunt for the kids, and ended the night playing card games. It always is such a blessing to spend time with our friends because they are so much like family to us.

This week, we get time to rest because next week will be semi busy again. Landon goes back to Cincinnati to see his doctor for his ear. He will see Dr. Choo next Monday and we will determine if he will need a tube in his left ear. Going back to November when we first saw the audiologist, it was determined that Landon had fluid in his left ear. His pediatrician has prescribed allergy medicine and we will see next Monday if that has helped. If not, he will most likely need a tube in his left ear. The sooner, the better so we can know how well he hears out of his left ear. On top of seeing Dr. Choo, we will also be seeing the audiologist again and will get to discuss and brag about how well he is doing with his BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid).

Landon is still doing very well with his BAHA. He isn't saying many words quite yet (which will be brought up next Monday), however he has picked up on what he is supposed to be doing and what shouldn't be doing. He uses hand gestures and we are working on a little sign language with him.

Logan is doing very well in pre-school. I am very proud of my big guy and how much he has matured since he turned 3. Both Logan and Landon are excited to be getting a baby brother. I will have my hands full but I am sure you all can probably see that I do handle the chaotic moments pretty well.

I will write more next week after Landon's appointment in Cincinnati. Here are some pictures over the past few weeks:

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