Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Day #2

Today is Logan's second snow day! It was a little annoying this morning though because the county called at 5:30 saying there was a one hour delay and then again at 6:30 saying they were closed. I am so glad that today is a snow day. I can stay inside and snuggle my little boys and put housework out of my mind. I cancelled Landon's one year appointment and rescheduled it just so I didn't have to get out in the nasty weather. Plus, I do not want to chance Landon getting sick before his appointment on Wednesday to receive his BAHA, which we are so excited for, just two more days!!

While we are counting down, there are only nine days left until Christmas and I still have quite a few gifts to wrap. I did a collaboration between homemade gifts and store bought gifts. For my homemade gifts, I made laundry detergent and filled up SoBe/Fuze bottle. I plan to wrap it in scrapbook paper and tie the instructions/ingredients on it. I thought it would be perfect for friends and family as a gift so that they can try it without investing in the supplies if they did not want to.

There are 16 days until the New Year! The New Year, for us, will hopefully be better than this past year. We had our struggles in 2013. The New Year will bring some great news for my health issues and great news for us financially. As always, we hope for the best and leave the rest in God's hands. We surrender our lives to Him everyday. As hard as it is some days, we know God is Ruler and King of our lives and will work everything out because we love Him!

What are you counting down to? What do you hope will happen in your life over the next few weeks, months, or years? Are you relying on God for everything or are you trying to take matters into your own hands? Most importantly, are you staying warm on this cold day? Join my boys and I and relax on this snow day!

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