Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Microtia Poem

I saw this poem and I shared it a few months ago via Facebook. I am sharing it again because I love it and it makes me cry every time. I just thought it would be so fitting to share it again because Landon is special and everything about him is perfect, even his ear. With Landon getting his BAHA today, this poem just comes to my mind.

Microtia Poem

I'm Special:
On my way from Heaven,
God Delayed my trip that day.
He said that I was special,
and then sent me on my way.
But not before He kissed me,
Right upon my ear.
He left his blessed mark
to carry with me here.
He whispered in my ear right then,
that He loved me without a doubt,
and then He closed my ear up tight,
so the whisper won't get out.
He told me both my legs were strong
and would help me stand up tall.
He told me both my arms would work
to catch me if I fall.
My eyes would catch my memories
to store within the pages of my mind,
My heart would fill with all the things I would love,
so many things, i would find.
He told me I could fall asleep
to my Daddy's bedtime tales,
and listen while my mother sings
of seas and boats and sails.
For when I'm feeling sad, he said,
my other ear would hear,
His whispered words of eternal love,
left waiting for me there.
I'm special!!!!

Today is going to be full of JOY!

My happy baby boy!

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