Monday, December 9, 2013

Landon's FIRST Birthday

Landon turned one on Friday. I cannot believe he is one. His party was supposed to be Saturday but we moved it to Sunday because of the weather and because the only people coming were going to be our friends who usually get together with on Sunday's anyway. Our families could not come due to the snow/sleet/freezing rain. Landon had  lazy day on his actual birthday. We stayed in our jammies and watched Christmas movies. We did the same thing Saturday because it was just too cold to go anywhere. I spent Saturday evening preparing for Landon's party on Sunday.

On Landon's the day before Landon's birthday, Rob was home for dinner and we did a practice smash cake with Landon. He didn't put his face in the cake but he sure did get messy. We also decorated our tree that evening but the next day I had to rearrange the ornaments to the top half of my tree because Landon was trying to eat all the ornaments.

Sunday, we woke up to 3 inches of snow and our church cancelled services. Landon's party was still on. Our friends were able to make it from Ashland to Grayson. They arrived around 12:30 p.m. and didn't leave until 10 p.m. I am really blessed with great friends! We always have a great time together, whether we are talking about important things or just goofing off playing cards. Of course we had a few of our friends missing and we miss/missed them DEARLY. Landon was a hoot with his cake. He actually put his face in the smash cake. He also had help with his cake from our friend's baby (also Landon's drool brother), Gabriel. I caught videos and pictures of it all. Of course they took a bath together since they both had icing all over them.

After cake, everybody crashed for a nap. We had a breakfast for dinner a.k.a brinner and then we played cards. The guys played poker and the girls plus Mikey played Nertz/peanuts. We enjoyed every minute with our friends. I also got the call from our county that school would not be in session today so Logan got his very first snow day. Logan has spent all day sleeping, which is about right for a snow day. With Rob working this evening, the boys and I are going to enjoy a low key evening. I do love a low key evening but I do love when my home is hustling and bustling with our friends because there is always laughter and great times. I sure do wish we could all get a big piece of land and buy trailer homes and live on the same piece of land. That would be amazing! Our friends are so much like family, so even though I was sad our families could not be here, we had family via our friends.

Below are pictures from the weekend events!
Logan putting the first ornament on our tree.

Our tree: 2013

Another view.

Landon is ONE!

Smash cake!

Have some icing!

Movie day!

Dessert table.


Landon's chair.

Snow 2013!

All my ornaments on the top half.


Blue punch!


Head plunge!


Cheyenna and Landon.


Pics from my phone.

Ham and cheese pinwheels.

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