Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

For some reason, I cannot sleep. Generally when I can't sleep it is because God has laid on my heart something I should write about. At the moment, I am not sure if God has a message to speak through me. So, I am going to write what I wanted to write yesterday but was too tired.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and December has rolled around, Christmas is everywhere. Including our house! We have not put up our tree yet but we will do so this week. I am decorating for Landon's 1st Birthday party and for Christmas. I love that the decorations I use for Landon's party I can leave up through Christmas as well. I cannot believe that Landon is going to be ONE in just a few short days. What I went through with my pregnancy with Landon and what we went through as a family when Landon was sick at a month old, shows that we are strong. Through everything that we have been through with Landon and will continue to go through with his ear/hearing development, is only teaching us strength and that God's will and God's plan are the only things that matter. I have never been one to be strong. I generally think of myself as weak. God apparently thought it was time I become strong. Landon has taught me strength in this past year.

Landon was not the only baby that showed me strength. A baby was born over 2,000 years ago and his story teaches me strength. Jesus was constantly mocked, considered an outcast, his teachings went against the grain, and he died for my sins. Jesus was strong. I want to live my life reflecting Jesus to everyone, strength is apart of that reflection. Without Jesus being born, we would have no reason to celebrate Christmas. We would have no hope and we certainly would not know what true strength looks like. I guess God spoke through me a little bit. I hope these words touch my readers. I hope this Christmas season, you look to Jesus for strength no matter what you are going through. He will carry you through it and you will be stronger in the end. Never give up. If Jesus had given up, again we would not know what true strength looks like.

And with Jesus' teaching of strength we can have hope and most of all we can have JOY.
Thought this verse and the following two went perfect with my thoughts.

Frosty came to my house!

Turning my home into a winter ONEderland.

Logan and I worked on a Christmas craft. More to come!

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