Thursday, February 14, 2013

So Much Joy!

What a week it has been since Logan finally came home which brought our family of four back together again after a very long month of being apart. Rob and I sure did miss Logan; tantrums and all! He grew up quite a bit in the month that we were away from him. He is talking more than he was and saying more words. He is also using full sentences. He never lets us forget our names. Before he talks he always says, 'Da' or 'Ma' before his statements or questions. In the week that he has been home he went back to doing everything he did before he went on 'vacation' (we like to call it vacation for when he goes to Mamaw's and Papaw's house). He remembered his big boy bed and has slept great! He also remembered his brother, Landon. Logan has been very helpful with Landon. Every time Landon cries Logan will find the pacifier and shove it in his mouth and say, 'here Andon (he can't say the 'L'), sh!' Logan will ask Landon if he is okay, 'You otay Andon?' Logan also remembered his favorite shows, 'Melmo' (Elmo), 'Mi Mo' (Mickey Mouse), 'Werb' (Phineas and Ferb), and 'Arney' (Barney). I would not trade those kid shows for anything!

We are also introducing him to Veggie Tales. Rob and I pray that our children will know God the same way we do. We also pray that  our children will see Christ in us by how we act and by what we say and by what we watch/are exposed to. In accomplishing this we are going to put on more Veggie Tales because it teaches children about God in a kid friendly way. Plus Rob and I, in our mid-twenties, still enjoy Veggie Tales!

I know it seems I talked about Logan in this post but being away from him for a whole month sure made me miss him and realize how lucky I am to have him in my life. Landon has done great with Logan being home. Landon enjoys watching his big brother play or run around. He takes whatever Logan does with ease. Logan has been known to try to pull off Landon's ears or fingers. Landon just sits and takes it. Landon is cooing a lot more! I think he is trying to keep up with Logan in being vocal. Landon is having a little trouble holding his head up but he was on his back for three weeks when he was sick and got zero belly time to work those neck muscles. I have been giving him more belly time but he is not fan of it for very long, especially when his big brother tries to run him over. I know as Logan and Landon grow up they will be the best of friends and the worst of enemies. I am not wishing away this stage of their childhood. I am ENJOYING it!

I start work on Monday so my next post will cover the adventures we experience in getting back into a routine. Today we test ran our routine of leaving in the mornings and coming home in the evenings (we are a one car family). I think our test run went really well. Monday will be go time! Today was Landon's first Valentine's Day. I am happy to be the 'Valentine' in Logan's and Landon's life

Here are some pictures from the past week.
Mamaw feeding Landon.
Mamaw was so happy to have her Landon back.
 Mommy was happy to have her Logan back.
 One last snuggle time with both of her grandsons.
 Peeking out to see if Daddy was home.
Daddy sleeping with his boys again.
 Big brother made him smile!
 First time in overalls, a true Kentucky boy.

 Love his smile!

 First Valentine's Day!
 Brotherly Love!


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