Sunday, February 3, 2013

Landon's Recovery

We got home Wednesday January 30. We were so very glad to be home! In my last blog I wrote how the rest of Wednesday went at home after leaving the hospital. Landon's first weekend at home and his recovery at home has been very smooth. On Thursday he had a follow up appointment with his pediatrician. We found out he weighs 11lbs. and 4 oz. He sounds great and the doctor told us to keep suctioning his nose which will help with any congestion that he may still have. The doctor also said that since Landon is learning to eat again for us to pause after every ounce and have him upright for a few minutes allowing the milk to digest in his belly so he won't spit up/choke. He goes back this Thursday for his 1 and 2 month shots/check-up.

Also on Thursday I had my post-partum appointment (8 weeks after giving birth) and I was put on birth control as well as a little bit of medicine to help with any baby blues. I feel like after Landon being sick and missing some bonding time with him that over these next few weeks I might develop baby blues and I would rather be safe than sorry. It takes a lot of courage to admit feeling 'depressed' but at the same time admitting it helps me feel better and I can take steps forward to help myself. I also had a Remicade appointment which is in IV therapy treatment where the medicine for my Crohns (Remicade) is dripped through an IV and it takes 3 hours. It was a long day in Ashland (where all the appointments are) but I am SO glad we got them done and out of the way.

On Friday Rob returned to work. It was just me and Landon. As I said in my last post, Logan will be home this Friday. It was very quiet once Rob left for work, except for having Good Luck Charlie on in the background on Netflix. Landon and I definitely miss Logan and him asking for 'Melmo' (Elmo) or 'Barbey' (Barney) or 'Werb' (Phineas and Ferb). I used Friday to cuddle with Landon as much as I could. I was able to get several loads of laundry washed and dried. Other than that I cuddled with my baby boy. Landon was also less fussy than he had been on Wednesday and Thursday. Partly because we got something called gripe water which helps relieve gas and symptoms of colic. It really is awesome stuff! When Rob got home he took over with Landon and I was able to go to bed around 9:30 and catch a little bit of sleep before I was back on duty. Anything before midnight Rob takes care of and anything after midnight I take care of. It is a pretty good arrangement!

On Saturday Rob again went to work. I cuddled more with Landon but he also was almost back on his normal schedule so I was able to fold a lot of the laundry and put it away. Landon also did some belly time. We think he may be a little behind on lifting his head during belly time because for the three weeks he was in the hospital he was on his back. Before he got sick he did a little belly time but not enough for him to gain strength in neck muscles. Now that he is home we are going to have him do a lot of belly time so he can catch up on gaining the strength he needs physically.  Later on Saturday our friends, Matt and Stacy, stayed the night with us because they were in town dropping off Matt's son and Stacy's stepson with his mother. 'Uncle' Matt and 'Aunt' Stacy finally got to meet Landon.

Today, Sunday, we went to church. We were really glad to be back at church. We really love our church and everybody in it. We are so blessed to be apart of such an awesome congregation. Everyone was glad to see us back as well. After church we came home and rested before heading over to our friend's apartment 'Uncle' Ian and 'Aunt' Katherine and 'cousin' Shane. Landon and Logan love all of their 'aunts' and 'uncles' and 'cousins' too. We are so blessed with a great group of friends who are more like our brothers and sisters. They really are our family away from our real families. They too missed us while Landon was sick.

We are so happy that Landon is continuing to recover from being sick and that he has done so well since we came home. Here are some pictures of his first few days home!

8 weeks old!
 Cuddles with Mommy!
 He loves his swing!

 So hard being adorable!

 Superbowl Sunday Outfit!

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