Monday, January 28, 2013

Landon's RSV/Flu/Pneumonia Journey Part 3

This part will cover the second week. The second week brought a lot of good news...yet it seemed to be the longest week. This was also the week that both Rob and I became a little depressed and more anxious. Most of this post will be what I posted via Facebook and a few of my own thoughts.

Tuesday, January 15: Landon is tolerated the wean better on this day. His rate from the vent is 15 breaths...cut in half from the day before. He fought hard to breathe on his own but he did well and the we wanted him off the ventilator (extubated anyway) so we could hold him. It had been 8 days at this point since we held him last. While he was intubated we could not hold him at all. It is hard, especially on a mama, to not hold her baby. We also thought he might get extubated on this day however they decided to let him chill for one more day.

Wednesday, January 16: The PICU began to get a little more busy. More babies were coming in with RSV and the flu just like Landon. The rounding for Landon were getting later in the morning and we were wondering if Landon would get extubated. They finally rounded on Landon at 10:30 and told at about 11 to step out because they were going to extubate him. We were thrilled!! The tube came out of his throat and he got put on oxygen through his nose (CPAP for babies and it was NEO2, oxygen on high flow). Rob and I left and when I got back later that evening Landon was back on the ventilator. Pretty much he did not tolerate the high flow and needed help from the ventilator except he did not need the tube down his throat, he had the nose prongs hooked up to the ventilator. 

Thursday, January 17: He was doing well on the CPAP. They lowered the vent down to giving him 20 breaths per minute. Also on this day he began displaying withdrawals from the sedation medicine so they began giving him rounds of methadone and valium. 

Friday, January 18: This was the day I started withdrawing myself from everything and became more depressed because I was unsure about a lot of things. I did post the following on my Facebook:
Through Landon being sick I have prayed and questioned why. God revealed his answer to me this morning. Parents are always so anxious for the next stage in their child's life that they forget to enjoy the stage their child is in. Not being able to hold or care for both of my boys for 10 days made me realize I am guilty. God is revealing to me I have been a selfish parent. I have wished away moments I should have enjoyed. I have complained when I should have been thankful. I have done stuff to fit my needs. Parenting is not about the parent but about the child and their needs. This is hard to realize yet so good because now I can change myself not just for me but for my family. I am going to enjoy every moment even when it may seem too hard to enjoy. My babies will not be babies long and this chance will not come again. Pray for me friends and hold me accountable.
Friday was a hard because the doctor wanted him to rest. The did not lower his breaths per minute that the ventilator was giving him and we had hopes of getting out of the hospital over the weekend that was coming up. We were also reminded that slow and steady wins the race and that has become our motto through this whole thing. 

Saturday, January  19: This was another rest day for Landon. They really wanted him to gain his strength for getting off the ventilator. 

Sunday, January 20: Landon was still in the PICU and on the ventilator through the nose prongs. They gave him another rest day so weaning will commence the next day as well as being switched to high flow oxygen (what he first was on but did not tolerate after being extubated). We were told once he go to a certain point on the high flow then he could go to a room in the Pediatric Progressive Care Unit which is a step down from the PICU. 

Monday, January 21: They switched Landon to high flow oxygen. He started at 10 liters (the flow of oxygen) and 70% (the amount of oxygen). For him to be moved out of the PICU they wanted him at 6 liters of flow. This was another thing that took and has taken a while. Remember our motto? Slow and steady...yup Landon was taking his merry old time. 

This is the end of his second week. He made a lot of progress but was very slow about his progress which is okay because we would rather him go slow than rush. I will post his third week either tomorrow or once we are home.

Here are some pictures I caught from the second week:

This was a ball contraption in the waiting area at the children's hospital.
 No more tube down his throat!
 Still getting help from the ventilator.
 I used to be a U of L fan (University of Louisville) but now I am all UK!
 Getting in snuggles with Daddy for a little bit.
 A view of the hospital from the parking garage.
 Another view.
 Crocheted hat and blanket from the goody cart.
 Friends of mine sent virtual cards to us!

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