Sunday, January 27, 2013

Landon's RSV/Flu/Pneumonia Journey Part 2

So I left off at the end of Landon's first day. In this post I will cover the rest of his first week in the hospital.

Wednesday, January 9: When we arrived at the hospital that morning all the cultures came back as well as the results of his chest x-rays. Landon for sure had RSV, the H flu (bacterial), and a touch of pneumonia. His right lung was filled with a lot of fluid. They continued to sedate him since he was intubated and continued with antibiotics as well as a few other medicines (multivitamin and iron). They also started to try to wean him off the ventilator with something they called spontaneous breathing, however he never did well and they thought it best to leave him intubated a little while longer. I could tell my Crohn's was flaring so I called my gastroenterologist who called in a few prescriptions to a pharmacy here in Lexington. I was so glad he was able to do that without seeing me. Some doctors want to see their patients before calling in a prescription.

Thursday, January 10: They again tried the spontaneous breathing and again he did not do well. They actually decided they would not try again until Saturday, leaving him with Friday to rest. Also on this day we were able to see family. My grandparents drove to Lexington from Louisville (an hour and 15 minutes away) and they visited with Rob and I and took us out to lunch. My in laws also were traveling to Grayson to get Logan and they drove to Lexington and we got to see them for dinner. It was really good for both Rob and I to see Logan and it was good for Logan to see us as well. We also had more outpouring of financial support with people continuing to pay for our hotel stay. Also on this day Landon was 5 weeks old.

Friday, January 11: The doctor decided to use this day as a rest day for Landon because the spontaneous breathing did not go well and they had to increase his breaths per minute that the ventilator was giving him. Landon also spiked a low grade fever but they did not do anything for it because they just wanted to see if it would go away. Rob and I also used this day as a rest day as well.

Saturday, January 12: I was exhausted on this day. I am pretty sure I took 3 naps. It was also raining in Lexington so it could have been the weather. Landon's low grade fever went away. The doctor decided to try a 2 days wean off the ventilator. Landon continued to rest and receive medicine. I also did not sleep well Saturday night. I had many nights when I did not sleep.

Sunday, January 13: They started to wean him from the ventilator Saturday. In the middle of the night his blood gas (test they do) did not look good and he was struggling to breathe so his rate went bacl up to 30 breaths per minute on the vent (it was 20 breaths Saturday night when we left and he was taking many breaths on his own). Pink lines are breaths he takes on his own...I was seeing none on his respiratory machine. Another step back. This is common with babies who get these infections that affect their breathing. The doctor wanted him to rest today. Tomorrow they will try weaning again. He had a bad coughing fit so the nurse gave him morphine to help him sleep and they just want him to chill today. At this point they also backed off on the sedation medicine but they would give him morphine if he was uncomfortable. 

Monday, January 14:  This is what I put on my Facebook wall for the day:
It now has been a week since he has been sick and later today a week since he has been in the hospital. They are going to try weening him again today from the ventilator so we need lots of prayers, good thoughts, encouragement, whatever you can think of with positive thoughts that he will ween and tolerate coming off the ventilator.
Later that day:
Again no update...they are letting him rest until they start the wean from the ventilator. We are most likely going to be here another week. We have had people helping us with a hotel stay. Wednesday we will be checking out and looking for somewhere else to stay (since it is the flu/RSV we cannot stay at the Ronald McDonald House). Keep praying for us and praying that God will provide financially as well. This is hitting us hard from all aspects.
Outpouring of financial and emotional support continued to come and the minister of our church got in contact with someone from a church here in Lexington and he brought us gift cards for restaurants since only lunch was provided for the parents at the hospital.  

This concludes Landon's first week in the hospital. It was very stressful because of him being intubated and having a rough time weaning from the ventilator long enough to be extubated. Here are some more pictures of his first week in the hospital. 

This was taken Thursday. he was 5 weeks old!
 We got to see Logan! He wanted pepper on his food!
 Sleeping peacefully!
 He was awake for a little bit on Friday.
 Wrote this that Friday about this tree:
I don't know what kind of tree this is but it has brought hope to me the past few days. Behind it is the hospital that Landon is in and a pretty pink sky this evening. It has leaves on it...most all the trees have no leaves now because it is still winter. This tree never lost it's has reminded me that soon all the trees will have leaves and that spring will be here soon. How has this brought me hope? You see, I would imagine this tree is lonely when it is the only tree without leaves. God knows that the tree won't be lonely long. God knows when Landon will be well and God is holding on to us and Landon the same way he holds on to this tree and all the other trees.
 This was taken Sunday.
 This was also taken on Sunday.

I will blog later today about the second week which became a little rough for me emotionally. 


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