Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Are Children At Heart

Children, they ask a ton of questions about how things work, why they can't do something, why they have to do something, and other questions that they ask over and over again. That can get on our nerves right? It dawned on me, children just want to learn, they have that desire to learn because they are still young and they want to know ALL the answers, sometimes when they don't get the answer they want they throw a fit. As Christians we ask God a lot of questions and we ask Him for a lot of things. Sometimes God doesn't give it to us and so like children we throw fits. Something else, as Christians we want to know all the answers to the Bible and to God. We can't know all the answers because if we did we would be God. We aren't God. God is God. God knows ALL the answers and He can't just share them with us because God has to have some mystery to Him. That's what draws us nearer to Him. The mystery of God. The love God has for us. God is looking out for us, He will let us know the answers we should and shouldn't have. Like children we tell them certain things that they can hear because of their age and as they grow older we tell them more and more. That's how God is with us. We start off not knowing where our lives our headed and then God slowly reveals His plan for us. One thing as Christians we shouldn't do that children tend to do is throw fits. what we should have.

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