Thursday, June 22, 2017

First Weeks At Home For Leliana

We came home with Leliana from the NICU on June 6. Since then, it has been wonderful getting adjusted as a family of seven. Things are beginning to fall into place with a bit of a routine. Her four big brothers are so in love with her. She has had quite a few outings since coming home that I will write about.

Leliana's First Week At Home: June 6-June 13
Leliana's first week at home was a little nerve wracking because Rob had to go back to work the day after we got home. He had to work the whole rest of that week from 9-9. He did four twelve hour days. It was rough on him, because he had no time to rest well after us coming home with Leliana. Thankfully after his four long days, he got three days off in a row. Being a stay at home mom, this really did not affect us too much. I just had to go with the flow and adjust to Leliana's schedule of when she would eat to figure out when I would do breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the boys. I also worked around her schedule to figure out when I would do other things like cleaning, laundry, etc. As I write this, we still are on a day to day basis of how we do things during the day because of Leliana's schedule. Her schedule is getting a little more consistent.

Her first week home consisted of going to my 2 week post op appointment, where I was cleared to drive again and I could lift things a little heavier than Leliana, just nothing above 25lbs. until my 6 week appointment which is July 5. She also went to her first doctor's appointment on June 8. At that appointment her pediatrician learned everything that had happened. We got Leliana established as a patient at our pediatrician. At that appointment Leliana weighed 6lbs. 5oz. and was 19 and 3/4in. She was up 2oz. since leaving the hospital. Our pediatrician told us to continue to supplement while nursing. After that appointment is when Leliana began to want less of the supplement and more of my milk (YAY!). After two days of appointments, the boys and I had two days to relax and not go anywhere. I posted this to Facebook in those two days: "Adjusting to having a new baby in the house has been going fairly well. I will be honest, once the boys go to bed, I've been going to sleep on the couch until Rob gets home. Somehow Leliana's schedule has lined up that she is asleep when the boys go to bed. I put everything aside and get some sleep too. Sleep when all the kids sleep, right?
I am so glad, that after 16 nights of not being able to get up in the middle of the night with my baby girl, that I get to. Yes, I enjoy the middle of the night wake ups. Some parents try to rush to get their baby to sleep through the night, but as someone who knows what it is like to miss out on the middle of the night wake ups (Leliana isn't our first baby I have missed middle of the night wakings with), I'm in no hurry for her to sleep through the night and I will take all the middle of the night wakings that I can. I stayed awake for 30 minutes after one of the times Leliana ate last night. I enjoyed some time I didn't get with her while she was in the NICU. Rob and the boys were sleeping so it was just her and I. How I wish I could have those 16 nights back. Yet, I know we can't, so I will do everything I can to make up the time. Staying awake a little longer with her is one way how I'll do it." As you can see from that post, I was so happy to be doing what I missed out on during all our time in the NICU.
Headed to my doctor's appointment.
After my appointment. It wore her out.
Napping the same time her 4 brothers were napping.
Ready for her first appointment.

Morning of her appointment.
Resting after her appointment.
Enjoying cuddles with my 17 month old. He was still adjusting.
Lucas finally wanted to hold Leliana.
Leliana has been letting me cook dinner and eat with the boys. She chilled like this one evening her first week.
Lucas loves the camera.
Leliana at 3 weeks old on June 10.
Sunday, June 11, Rob began his three days off work. We went to church for the first time as a family of seven. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know my faith is important to me. Going to church, even five days after bringing Leliana home was important to us. Rob, Rob's mom, and myself were the only ones who held her. Our church friends were so happy to see us back home and to see Leliana was doing well. After church, we came home and ate lunch. Then we decided to go to our friend's property (a farm) near a local lake and spend time with our big group of friends and their kids. We had not seen them for at least two to three weeks. It was fun to spend time with them and we celebrated the birthday of one of our friends as well. The boys got dirty from playing outside, but they had such fun, even when we had to pick ticks off of them after getting them home.
First church outfit.
Me and my kids.
Family picture.

Liam, Landon, and Lucas

My friend Amanda holding Leliana.
Tired after a long day outside!
Monday and Tuesday were Rob's last two days off work before doing four more long days in a row. Monday consisted of grocery shopping with Leliana. Logan went with me to be a big helper. Tuesday, Leliana was back at the doctor for a weight check. She weighed 6lbs. and 11oz. She gained 6oz. inside of five days.
Ready for the store!
Logan helping me at the store.
Looking cute!
Thinking about life.
Baby feet!
Leliana's first week was pretty smooth. She slept great at night and she slept through the noise of her brothers during the day. My first week back in the swing of things went pretty well. I got the kids on a consistent schedule. All five kids nap at the same time every day. They also go to bed around the same time. Adjusting that first week went smoothly. We did discover that she does not like sleeping in her bassinet, but she does like sleeping in her Rock n Play. She swam in her newborn clothes. She looked adorable in doing so. 

Leliana's Second Week Of Being Home: June 13-June 20
Rob had to work four long day again (Wednesday through Saturday). On Wednesday I gave all five kids a bath before bed time. I amazed myself at how well I did. I was able to do the same thing on Saturday as well which was the night before church. The four days my husband worked consisted more of continuing to find a groove to get more settled. I think we finally did find a groove by this point. Saturday we made Father's Day cards for Rob. Of course we went to church for Father's Day. On Monday, Rob had to work but not until 2 p.m. so he was home with in the morning and gave me a hand during lunch and nap time. Tuesday Leliana had her ONE MONTH check up. June 20, she turned one month old. It was hard to believe. She weighed 7lbs. 5oz. and was 20in. long. She is in the 7th percentile for weight and 4th percentile for height. The doctor switched to the preemie chart and Leliana is in the 50th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height. The doctor said we could decrease her supplement even more. She is almost at the point of nursing only, which is what I want.
Loves her Rock n Play
After bath for all 5!
Cloth diaper for newborn!
Belly time
One Month Pictures!

This brings us to today, June 22. I have got caught up on my blog. All in all Leliana's first two weeks here at home have been amazing. In the past few days she has been sleeping well at night and only waking up once in the middle of the night to eat. She seems like a very laid back baby. I love how chill she is during the dinner hour, which can be stressful here because Rob works a lot during the dinner hour. He does have some nights when he is home for dinner (last night and he will be home this Saturday night). Other than the dinner hour being a little crazy at times, the boys seem to be adjusting to having a new baby in the house. They adore their sister. Though my hands are full, my heart is even fuller! I love my kids very much and I love that I can stay home with them. Summer is beginning to become fun instead of busy!

What will be going on in Leliana's third week here at home? This weekend my grandparents are coming to visit with my two cousins. My grandfather's birthday is Sunday so we will be celebrating that. My husband works Monday and then Tuesday will be my husband's and mine 8th wedding anniversary. We don't have a big date planned, but we plan to spend it as a family going to some doctor appointments. I will write a post about my husband and our anniversary in the next few days.
Little smile from Leliana.
I hope my readers have enjoyed reading about our first few weeks here at home with Leliana. Has anyone experienced bringing home a new baby? Share about it in the comments. If you haven't, share something you are thankful for. What I have written about, I'm so thankful to God for. He has blessed our family!



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  2. She is beautiful, congratulations. I'm like you, I didn't mind the middle of the night wake ups. I have two sets of twins, so both my wife and I got up in the night to take care of them. I always found this to be a quiet time where you just got to contemplate how amazing they are as tiny little humans. Enjoy your big wonderful family (I'm a dad of 6, so I know the lifestyle well!)

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  8. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying your first few weeks at home. I remember this sweet time when my kids were little. What good fortune that she's a laid back little one. Hopefully it will continue all the way through her teenager years! Thanks so much for sharing her with us. She's absolutely beautiful!

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