Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What A Pumpkin Taught Me

Last Wednesday, my kindergartener (Logan), went on a field trip to a local greenhouse. He got to have fun on a huge playground and enjoy some unstructured class time away from school. One of the things his class got to do was pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. I knew the whole day, while he was at school on the field trip, that he would get to pick out a pumpkin. I imagined most of the day what kind of pumpkin he would come home with. I imagined the size and shape. I kept thinking it would be the perfect pumpkin.

When Logan arrived home and pulled out his pumpkin, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be. My first thought was that it was ugly.

Then, God instantly spoke to me. He told me that I am similar to this pumpkin. I am not perfect on the outside. Sometimes my attitude can be ugly. I make mistakes. I am a sinner. Because of God's grace and mercy, I am beautiful. I have been set free. God thinks I am beautiful. God loves me unconditionally. God is using me the same way he used those like me in the Bible. I may not be perfect on the outside, but to God I am a masterpiece on the inside and out.

God continued to use this pumpkin to speak to me. There are times I have thoughts of judgement toward others. I judge too easily, like the way I judged the pumpkin. I need to stop seeing people the way I see this pumpkin. I think negative thoughts too easily about others. God wants me to love others, the way He loves me. In this day and age, it is hard, but loving others and showing Christ to others by the way I treat others, is what God wants of me.

God kept speaking to me. He told me to look at what Logan did. Logan picked a pumpkin that other kids, or even adults for that matter, would pick. Logan saw an object the way God sees it: beautiful, flawless, worth something, worth using. If Logan can pick a pumpkin that others would turn down, then he will see others for what is on the inside, not the outside. Logan will see people the way God sees people. The fact that my kindergartener can do this, really put me in tears and made me think. I need to do work harder on seeing people through the eyes of God. I am thankful that my kids can teach me and at moments when I need teaching. I have been in need of this teaching recently. I need to view things the way my kids do. They don't cast judgement. They easily love others.

I hope this has encouraged someone to view people from God's perspective. I hope this challenges you to not judge others and to love others.


  1. God can use anything to teach anything!

  2. Glad you were able to find comfort in the choice. Have a wonderful fall season

  3. I always believe that God has lessons for all of us on almost everything around us. It is always good to show love & care towards others rather than judging them or complaining about them!

  4. showing good and love to each other is the best thing to doo


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