Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Landon and His Hearing Aid

To update my readers: I am in the process of writing two posts. I am hoping to have them done later this week. In the meantime, I hope this posts is informative. If any of you need to catch up, you see my past blogs about this post.

Rob took Landon to Cincinnati Children's Hospital so Landon could have a hearing test done with his BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). When we were there at the end of June, he could not have it done because his BAHA had to be repaired due to Liam (our 2 year old) getting ahold of it. Rob went by himself with Landon, which was very different. I have always gone to Cincinnati in the past. Naturally, I was worried about their traveling, but they arrived home safely.

Rob said that Landon's hearing test went very well and we will be receiving the report in the mail soon.

I went back and counted how many times Landon has been to Cincinnati and this trip made the eighth trip for Landon. Both the audiologist and ENT doctor will want to see him in June 2017. It is hard to believe that the more we go to Cincinnati, the closer we get to when Landon is able to have the surgery for Landon to have his BAHA implanted instead of him wearing a headband. I am thankful that Landon does very well wearing his BAHA. Ever since he got it when he was a year old, he has always done well.

Landon's hearing in his left ear is perfect! Even if he has a day where he doesn't wear his BAHA, he can still hear. Even with having a hearing impairment, his speech is outstanding! I am thankful at how well he talks. When we first started this journey with Landon, it was a wait and see process of how the Microtia would affect his speech. We were told to expect speech delays, and he did have a speech delay, but he is catching up to kids his age. God is good! I am in groups on Facebook for people who have kids with Microtia and adults with Microtia, and it is very comforting to see older kids and adults going through life normally with this. I know I have said this before, but while some may see this as a 'disability', we don't see it that way.

Landon does very well traveling to Cincinnati and seeing his doctors. Today might have been his favorite trip because he got one on one time with Rob. Landon definitely needed that Daddy/Landon time today.

Landon has been having a blast in preschool, so far, this year. Again, I am just so thankful at how well Landon is doing with this, and he is only three!

God blessed our family very much with Landon. Out of all four boys, he is dubbed our family clown. He is super silly, but he is also very caring and sympathetic. I can't wait to see what all God has in store for Landon's life!


  1. Keep the faith - God is with you in all of this!

  2. what a wonderful positive report! thank you for sharing! I love his smile! so bright and beautiful!


  3. Oh, he is so sweet. Thanks for sharing this, just keep being positive.

  4. I love his smile, he is so sweet! It's really great news that Landon's hearing test went very well.

  5. Such a wonderful post and I love that you are staying with positive thoughts which could do so much good for you. Landon looks cute, keep faith in the Almighty and everything will be alright!


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