Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spider Web of My Heart

I have been watching a spider build a web outside of my kitchen window. It is a very beautiful web. I normally hate spiders. I am scared of spiders and always threaten to burn them when I see one in my house. God has been speaking to me through this little spider and its web. It is amazing how God speaks and what He uses to communicate something he wants us to learn.

God has been teaching me and reminding me not to worry about big and little things. God knows the details of my life. God has my life in His hands. God is building me like a spider web. Unique, beautiful, woven in His love, being used for His glory. Like a spider keeps building its web, God isn't done with me,  He will continue to create me into the woman He wants me to be. God is paying extra close to details in my life. A spider builds its web paying close attention to the details so that the spider can live in the web and also protect its home. The deep and personal details of my heart matter to God because He wants to make sure that every inch of my heart is to His liking. He wants to make sure my heart is guarded from the things this world tries to make me believe. He wants to make sure that every inch of my heart is honoring Him and giving Him the glory over all things.

Just like a spider web, things can get stuck in our webs, but God can help us get rid of the things that get stuck. They don't have to become entangled in a the beautiful web that God is creating in us. God helps me clean out the web of my heart. He helps me not to worry. He helps me to keep my attitude in check. He gets rid of the toxic issues of my web, just like a spider gets rid of unwanted bugs in its web.

 If God can teach me this lesson, He can teach you the same thing. Open up your heart and give God space to create a beautiful web so that He can be glorified and honored.


  1. I'm always amazed as to how our God can use anything for His purposes :)

  2. I should show these pics to my five year old who loves Spiderman and talk to him about the beauty of what God is teaching us through His marvelous creation!

  3. Wow, this is nice to read. My son will surely enjoy this and we will talk about God too.

  4. Very motivational. Always good to read stuff like this during a hard work week

  5. that's a great comparison even though i am petrified of spiders lol

  6. Interesting read not sure I am onboard with the comparison.


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