Thursday, July 21, 2016

Light Sabers

Logan and Landon are beginning to go stir crazy because it gets so hot outside. I really don't like taking Liam or Lucas outside when it gets too hot out. To keep Logan and Landon occupied we made light sabers from construction paper this morning. Ever since they got their light sabers, they have been very calm and very creative with how they use their paper light saber.

Little boys are so interested in anything that makes them feel special or feel like a hero. I have enjoyed watching Logan and Landon play with light saber, each with a different perspective.. Landon keeps his close by and tries to put out bad guys on the TV. Logan is training in his room to be a Jedi. Two boys with pretty much the same toy, if you will, playing differently and using their imaginations. I believe that is what summer is about; using their imagination to be creative. Using their imaginations helps them to be inventive and I believe their imaginations and creativity will take them far in life.

I don't know how antsy your kids may be on the last leg of summer, but try making them something to keep them occupied. Make them something that helps them use their imagination and creativity. I think the light sabers will help the stir crazy in our house. I definitely feel a little safer with my two little Jedi knights!


  1. love it and yes our kids are getting that late summer boredom cabin fever. I am ready for them to go back to school This idea sounds so fun, great idea we may have to borrow it

  2. My kids would love this. Fancy toys don't do much, but simple cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc. can bring magic!

  3. Encouraging kids to use their imagination is key to helping them develop certain skills that they can rely on even as adults. And, it's a great way to combat boredom! lol

  4. Both Logan and Landon look cute & they seems to be so excited with the light saber toy they have. Any thing that helps to use their creativity & imagination is a hit and a wonderful treat for summer.


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