Monday, July 18, 2016

Are They All Yours?

Lucas will be 7 months old at the end of this week. In the past 7 months I have been brave by taking all four boys with me to the store a few times. I have also been super brave by taking them on a two and a half hour road trip. When I have all four boys with me I definitely get some looks and some comments. Thankfully, none of the looks or comments are negative (at least I try not to take them in a negative way).

I have written about this topic before, but I feel the need to revisit it because of a question that I get asked a lot. That question is (you probably guessed from the title), "Are they all yours?" I give a proud smile and answer, "yes they are". I also get asked if they are all boys and I respond with my proud smile that yes they are. From that point I get a range of comments from, "Oh! bless your heart!"  to "You have your hands full!" to "how do you do it?" I also get comments that I am a doing good job. I love the reassurance from people in the community because let's face it, our society has strayed from uplifting each other. I wear a proud smile when I get looks and comments.

My favorite is comment "you have your hands full". A friend recently posted about how she gets the same comment and her response was that yes her hands are full but so is her heart. I agree 110% with that response. My four boys are all mine and while my hands may be bursting at the seams, my heart is even more full. My boys are a blessing. I am proud to be their mommy.

Back to the question I get asked a lot. I am raising boys that will become men and follow the example that Rob is setting for them to be a godly man. My boys belong to me here on Earth, but they truly belong to God. God has blessed me to be their mommy. Some days, I am not sure why God chose me to be their mommy, but I am so thankful that He did. There will be day when I will have to share them with their future wives. When I get asked the question if my boys are mine, I answer that yes they are, but in my head I'm reminding myself they belong to God and that one day I will have share them.

I am a proud mommy of all boys. I love my boys so much. They all have a different personality that brings so much joy to our family. My heart overflows everyday with how much I love them. My boys remind me how important it is to have faith, hope, and love.


  1. And if God gave them to you :)

  2. A beautiful perspective! I'm always amazed at the things strangers will say or ask. I'd just smile because I know how full my life (and heart) is with just one :) Good for you!

  3. When someone tells me my hands are full, I always say "Better than empty!" Because it's true. I am SO thankful my hands are full. I hope they stay that way for a long time. Children are a blessing.

  4. What a great perspective! Your graciousness to the commenting onlookers is a lesson in itself. Gratitude is always inspiring!

  5. Such a wonderful article & very well written. We all belong to God & we must always be thankful to him whatever happens around. I love how your boys have reminded you the importance of having faith, hope & love!


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