Thursday, June 16, 2016

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation day was on May 3. Life got busy and I wasn't able to give Logan's and Landon's preschool teachers anything to show how much we appreciate them. However, I think this blog post will definitely show how much I appreciate them. You may be wondering why I am writing an appreciate post over a month later, keep reading and you will understand why.

Logan's and Landon's preschool teachers are at a conference for Conscious Discipline. To learn more about Conscious Discipline you can click the website link here. You can also check their Facebook page. I admire their teachers for taking time out of THEIR summer break to go above and beyond for their students. Even though they are only preschool teachers, they are taking the time to learn more about investing in the lives of their preschool kids. I know that they will have an impact on all of their students (including my two boys).

I see many teachers that are excited for summer break so that they can rest and take a 'break' from school and from their students. Ms. Delinda and Ms. Caroline are using, what should be their summer break, to grow and become better teachers. I appreciate them for doing this. I know it must not be easy to give up their free time. The fact that they are giving up their free time makes me so happy that Landon will be in their class again next year and that they definitely had an influence on Logan last year.

I don't know how many of my readers are teachers, but if you are and you use your free time to go to conferences and learn more about how you can be a better teacher, thank you. Thank you for all you do during your regular school day and your 'free' time. Teachers like Ms. Delinda and Ms. Caroline, and all who sacrifice their time 'off' are definitely the kind of teachers I want my kids to have. We definitely need more teachers who are so invested in their students that they are willing to sacrifice their time 'off'.

Thank you, Ms. Delinda and Ms. Caroline. I am excited for you all to have Landon again. I cannot wait to see the how much more of an impact you will have on Landon, as well as, your other preschool kids. Thank you for being preschool teachers. I know being teachers to such a young age group isn't the easiest but you are all rock at what you do. Here is the link to Ms. Delinda's and Ms. Caroline's blog about Conscious Discipline.

To the other teachers that are reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking time to invest in other kids and teaching them what they need to know in this world to succeed.

What I love most about the teachers my boys have, is that they know who our ultimate teacher is, God. Just knowing that, makes me so happy to have my boys in public school.

Here are my older two boys with Ms. Delinda:


  1. Hi, I'm dropping by from the Christian Bloggers FB Group :)

    What a beautiful way to honor our amazing teachers! Thanks for this.

  2. I think we all take teachers for granted sometimes, it's great to give something back when we can for all that they do.

  3. I love teacher appreciation day, because I know from personal experience teachers play a very important role in our kids life!

  4. Celebrating and acknowledging our teachers is something that shouldn't be just ONE day per year :)

  5. The sad part is they shouldn't have to donate their time like that. Teachers should be able to further their education and be repaid for it. They don't make enough now and most buy their own supplies and do things just like this conference. Kudos to them.

  6. What a wonderful tribute to teachers. I was a teacher for several years, it is such a rewarding job!

  7. This is so sweet! I love the quotes you put at the bottom as well.

  8. Teachers are wonderful, they took care of our young ones when they are away from home.

  9. teachers rock. i still remember my 2nd grade teacher, she was my favorite.


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