Friday, June 24, 2016

A Job and Beating The Weather

Last time I blogged, Rob was still unemployed. Since writing, Rob landed a job at Kay's Jeweler's. It isn't a teaching job, but it is a lot better than fast food. Rob also has experience in sales, so I think it will be very enjoyable for him. He started last Thursday and he has already sold some things, which is awesome!

We trusted that God would provide and He provided way more than what we expected. God continues to come through, even if it is at the very last minute. I'm thankful for a God who provides and knows what is best for our lives. 

Now that Rob is working, I am a busy bee with the boys and dogs. Rob has a different time shift every day so we adjust our day accordingly. Logan has been an awesome big helper since Rob started his job. I will miss him when he goes back to school in August (less than two months until he goes back to school), but I am sure Landon will help on the days he doesn't go to preschool.

After a break from summer learning, we did a craft today and Logan worked on his sight words.The rain needs to let up so we can go start going for walks because being cooped up inside all day can be hard, especially on the boys. If you have been stuck inside due to weather with your kiddos, here are some ideas that I have found that helps to cure the cabin fever:

1. Bubbles: Bubbles can be as fun inside as they are outside. Plus, it is just soap and water so it can help clean the floor! ;)
2. Racing cars: Matchbox cars are a big hit around here. Racing them down our hallway is even more fun! I think this would be awesome for girls too! Who doesn't love a good race?
3. Crafts: We do crafts even when it doesn't rain. I try to throw in an extra craft if it is raining.
4. Cleaning: Maybe this would be good for older kids to do, but I love to clean if I'm stuck indoors. Logan is old enough that he helps as he can.
5. Movies: Rainy days can make for lazy days so why not enjoy the time with your kiddos and watch movies! We pop some popcorn and have a sleep over for nap time in the living room, too
6. Baking: If you are stuck inside because rain, you will need some yummy treats! I haven't done this one yet, but definitely on the next rainy day I plan to bake with the boys.
7. Stickers: My boys love stickers. Sure this could go with crafts, but in our house this is a stand alone. They play with stickers and pretend to label thing with their stickers.
8. Building towers: Get out all of the blocks you own and see who can build the tallest tower. In our house, once the tower is built, the fun is knocking it down and building it again.
9. Reading: Read books! This can be done no matter what the weather is. If it is too hot or rainy to go outside, read all of your books.
10. Be still: Don't do anything at all except cuddle with your kiddos. Listen to the rain and just be still and let the rain calm you if you are stressed.

Those are ten ways we beat the bad weather so we can still have fun. Those are also great ideas if it is too hot to go outside. Leave your ideas if you have any other ideas on how to cure cabin fever during bad weather. I am thankful that God provided me ways to be crafty and fun, even when it rains. On bad weather days, I will still have faith, hope, and love and I won't let cabin fever consume us!


  1. Well, baking always seems to work for me when the weather is bad :)

  2. here lately we have been having lots of hot days and have been on the go but whene we are not we try our best to do crafts and read books

  3. Congrats to your husband - I hope he enjoys the job. Keep creating too!


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