Friday, April 8, 2016

God is our Surgeon

My husband is having knee surgery this morning. Surgeons fix and mend what has been broken. When I was awake with Lucas early this morning, I was thinking about how God is our surgeon. As Christians, we always are in need of healing, repair, renewal, etc. God is always moving in us the way a surgeon moved inside a body during surgery. God is always giving us what need like a surgeon giving what a body needs for healing. We are God's patients. When we are broken he fixes us beyond what we can imagine.

I am thankful that God provide our world with surgeons that can fix our bodies. My husband has loves with a soccer injury for eight years and he is finally getting the healing he needs. I am thankful that God lends what is broken or bruised in us, sometimes it does take time. We just have to be patient and wait and know that God is with us through the healing process.

If you are in need of fixing, turn to God. He is our ultimate healer.

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