Friday, March 4, 2016

Puppies and Toddlers

We got two puppies shortly after Lucas was born. Some days, I think we were crazy and other days, I enjoy having two dogs that love our family. Before we had puppies, Rob and I used to say that toddlers must be like puppies. Now, that we have puppies and toddlers, I have seen some similarities between the two. If you have dogs and kids, you probably understand most of these.

Here is a list of how puppies and toddlers are similar. Puppies and toddlers:
1. Put anything and everything in their mouths.
2. Beg for food even if they just ate.
3. Are full of energy all of the time.
4. Skid mark from playing too hard.
5. Are entertained by things that are not their toys.
6. Follow you everywhere and get under your feet.
7. Have blankets that they sleep with.
8. Love to eat non stop. They both must be bottomless pits.
9. Are as cute as can be even if they do something wrong.
10. Love to cuddle and give love. This one is my favorite. :)

Life here has been crazy with four kids and two puppies. We love every moment and we know these memories we are making will last a lifetime.

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