Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Life Gets Messy

Messes are apart of every day life. A spilled drink. Muddy floor. Clutter on a table. Dirty diaper. Dirty dishes. The list could keep going. Messes can be cleaned up. My husband has been helping me not stress over messes and one way he has helped is for me to ask if the mess that was made will matter in twenty years. If it won't matter than it isn't worth stressing over.

Logan and Landon are learning to clean up messes. Mainly their toys but they are learning. They love to make messes but like with any mess, it has to be cleaned up to continue with whatever else needs I be done.

I am so thankful that messes can be cleaned up; outer messes and even inner messes. I am an inner mess some days. My thoughts aren't always where they should be. My emotions aren't always pretty. I am thankful for God who sent his son to clean up my mess. Life may get messy but God cleans us up and gives us our daily needs. 

Whatever your mess may be, God has cleaned it up already. Give Him the thanks for all that he has done and continues to do. 

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