Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Late Valentine's Post

I love Valentine's Day. Not because of the flowers and candy. Those things are nice. It is a day of good memories for Rob and I. Our first date as a couple was February 14, 2008. That date changed our lives forever. That is my number one reason why I love Valentine's Day.
First Date

I also love Valentine's Day because I can teach my boys all about love and that we can love others every day and not just on Valentine's Day. Of course, I teach this to them every day but Valentine's Day I teach a little extra about love. Jesus loved others 24/7. As my boys grow older, I hope and pray that I can show them how to love the way Jesus loves us. Not just with words but with actions.

As a mom of boys, I feel like my calling is to teach them about love and how they should love because it will be important in their everyday lives as they handle situations with people. It will also be important for their future marriages. The way they see me love will be the way they view how other women (their future wives) will love. I pray that I am setting a good example of love in my marriage and in my relationships with family and friends.

My prayer for my boys is that they know how much they are loved by God, by Rob and I, and by our friends and family. 

This Valentine's Day was special. It was Lucas's first one and one that the boys understood a little better.

Liam giving Lucas kisses.

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