Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why We Didn't Do A Big Tree

It is time again to put up Christmas tress and get ready for Christmas. If you have young kids, you understand my struggles of keeping kids away from the tree and from the ornaments. Some people opt to not even put up a tree when their kids are little. My husband wanted to do this but I am a woman of tradition and I have to have a tree at Christmas time.

Last year, four ornaments got broken, my five year old (then four year old) could not leave the tree alone and neither could my two year old. We decided last year that we were going to do a smaller tree this year. Our thinking was that a small tree would not be as appealing to the boys. At first, we thought Rob would build a small tree from wire coat hangers and garland, but that idea got squashed. I came up with just using the top part of our tree and putting it in the stand.

We put up our tree on Saturday and the top part screwed it in perfectly to the stand. We now have a tiny table top tree. Sure, with a tiny tree that means we can't use all of our ornaments but I've got my tree!

Our struggles of the boys bothering the tree are reduced!

People question why some parents don't put up a big a tree and the answer is simple: some kids just do not leave trees alone. Once all of our boys are five and older then we will be able to have a big tree again but until then we will have a table top tree. For us, a table top tree is better than not having one at all.

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