Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Greatest Gift

Christmas is in two days and I am so thankful for one baby who was born to bring hope and light to a dark world. He is why I celebrate Christmas. Jesus is the reason reason for my joy and why I can wake up, even on hard days, and feel nothing but blessed. He really is the greatest gift for all of us!

This week we got another great gift. Lucas Owen arrived Tuesday, December 22 at 12:01 a.m. He weighed 7lbs. 6.5oz and is 20.5 inches. He was scheduled to come December 30 but I am so happy he came this week. All of my boys are gifts from God. This week God gave us Lucas as an extra special Christmas gift. He is perfect and healthy!

Rob brought Logan, Landon, and Liam to see Lucas yesterday and they adore their baby brother. Tomorrow Lucas and I get to go home on Christmas eve. We will celebrate our first Christmas as a family of six. I am very blessed.

I hope my readers have a wonderful Christmas and remember, the greatest gifts don't come wrapped in wrapping paper or in a gift bag. They come from love in our hearts. Ultimately, the best gifts come from God.


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  2. Aww Congrats on your little bundle of Joy. He has the best birthday ever. Dec 22nd is also my birthday. Definitely a great gift. Bless your growing family.


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