Monday, December 7, 2015

Birthday Party Fun

Yesterday, my son Landon turned three years old. I cannot believe he is three already! Kids really do grow up fast! We had a lot of fun with him and threw him a birthday party. I love throwing birthday parties for my kids because I can be creative with it. I love being creative, it is fun and relaxing.

How do I throw a birthday party with a limited budget? Here are a few ways:
Food/Food Labels: I consulted Pinterest for find ideas and used many ideas that I saw on Pinterest. However, we were not able to execute every idea I saw so I came up with my own ideas for food labels, which you will see below. I always try to keep the food part cheap too. I get an accurate head count and only buy enough plus a little bit more the head count I have.

Cupcakes/Cake: I also did my own cupcake toppers. I bought stickers and used toothpicks and made them by putting the stickers on the toothpicks. They did not take long to put together. Even though I am not a baking expert, I do bake my own cake/cupcakes. I also love to decorate them (again it is part of being creative).

Other Decorations: I know people who spend a ton on decorations and such for a birthday party but I am writing to tell you that you don't need to spend a lot for a birthday party. There are a lot of free printable items online and if you look hard enough you can also find stickers to go with your birthday party theme. Even dollar tree has some themed things (Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Sports, Princess). You also don't need themed plates, cups, or napkins. Just buy plates in plain color that match your theme. For instance, we did a Cars theme so I bought red and black plates.

Invitations: I made my own invitations and with the cool Facebook event feature I created an event on invited people that way. Birthday parties do not have to be formal. They are pretty informal so making an event on social media is perfectly fine.

For all the parties I throw for my kids I am able to stay close to only spending $50 which is pretty good!

I think Landon's birthday party went very well and I loved doing the Cars theme!

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