Friday, November 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Craft

I love doing crafts with my kids (mainly my two year old and five year old). With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming, you can bet we will be doing a lot of crafts. I don't just do crafts for the holidays. I home school Logan (5) and Landon (2). We also do crafts based on letters, numbers, and books that we are reading. 
This past week we did an easy Thanksgiving craft. I must say, we love doing hand print crafts. The boys love when I paint their hands because it tickles their hand. When I was asked to guest blog for a fellow mom blogger, I thought the following craft would be great. I incorporated ideas I saw on Pinterest. You can follow me here:

We made a hand print turkey with construction paper feathers (sometimes craft feathers are not always on hand).
Supplies that are needed:
Brown Paint
Paint Brush
Red, Yellow, and Orange Construction Paper
White Paper
Black Marker or Craft Eyes (again not always on hand so a black marker was used)

We first started with me painting their hands and putting their hand print on the plain white paper. Once the paint dried they glued the construction paper feathers on and we used a crayon for the legs. 

Here are the finished Turkeys:

If you need any more fall ideas, here are two crafts that we did in October:

Stayed tuned to my blog for more crafts!

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