Tuesday, November 3, 2015


We tend to make plans and we hope that they go the way we want them to. When plans do not go our way we get upset and angry.

I have to admit, I sometimes get upset when plans don't go a certain way. God is teaching me to faith in Him no matter what. God is teaching me to trust Him. God is teaching me peace. Faith, trust, and peace, I think, are big components in accepting when a plan doesn't go the way you hoped.

It is amazing how God knows what He is doing when it comes to our plans versus His plans. One plan my husband and I thought we had for our lives has not gone the way we hoped. Out of the path going God's way instead of our way, we have amazing friends who are always there. While we would love for 'our' plan to be closer to family work out, we know God wants us near our friends.

I mentioned in a previous post that my friends and I have a ladies Bible study. I feel this was God's plan to get me more into His word. I have written before how I struggle to read the Bible. The past few months have been a blessing. God knew what I needed. God knew I would need friends. God knew they would hold me accountable. God's plans turn out to be better than my own. I am so thankful He knows better than I do.

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