Monday, November 16, 2015

A Lazy Monday

We were a little more busy than  usual this past weekend. We went to a Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night at a local church. Sunday was our big day of going to church and hanging out with all of our friends. How do you remedy a long weekend? You have a lazy Monday of course! This is one of many reasons I am thankful to be a stay at home mom. The boys and I have been in our pajamas all day. With the exception of doing dishes I have been rather lazy around the house.

The best part about putting housework on hold is getting to play blocks and cars with the boys. Being a mom of boys means that once you build a tower you can bet it will be knocked down in some form of destruction. While playing cars, you can bet there will be a back up on Carpet Road just past Recliner Avenue. I have definitely enjoyed being lazy with the boys. All four of us took two hour naps! We definitely needed those!

God calls us to rest and take a break. God wants us to rest and it is Him who will give us the rest we need. In our lives when things get busy, I am definitely taking God up on all the rest He has to offer to me. 
The boys on Saturday before the Thanksgiving dinner.

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