Sunday, July 19, 2015

Not Ready For It

We began July by celebrating the 4th of July. We helped Logan and Landon with sparklers and they enjoyed those very much. July has been a pretty easy month with not a whole lot going on. However this week we are gearing up to travel to Ohio for my brother in law's wedding on Saturday. Rob, the boys, and I are very excited for our vacation and to see Will marry Cheyenna.

Today, our little guy is 11 months old. It is hard to believe that in a month he will be ONE! I'm not ready for it!

Not ready for it. I say that all of the time when it comes to the boys moving on the next stage or phase of life. I know my mother in law is most likely saying it about her second son getting ready to get married. As those words come out of my mouth I ask myself, 'Did I enjoy the phase my kids were just in?' 'How can I make sure I enjoy this next phase of life?' Truth is, in each phase, I sometimes will also say, 'I'm ready for my kids to be able to do this.' Then when they are ready to do it, I'm not ready for it. I think the reason I say that I'm not ready for the next phase is because I'm too busy wishing away current phase that I forget to really enjoy the current stage or phase my kids are in. I want them to stay in their current stage or phase so that I can do it over and really take in the moments whether positive or negative.

As a Christian, I think I also tell God a lot of the time that I'm not ready for something. I think, like with my kids, I didn't enjoy the previous season of life that God gave me. I'm vowing right now in this blog to stop saying that I'm not ready for the next stage or phase (both with my kids and with God). Instead I'm going to embrace the season of life I'm in. I am going to be ready for any change that comes. I am going to trust and have faith.

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