Sunday, March 8, 2015

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

You may be wondering why I titled this post the way I did. Just read through and it will make sense. I will preface this by saying that Logan and Landon absolutely love the book, 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. It is their first choice for when I ask the what book they want to read. Today, the words jumped out at me more clearly (thanks to a friend). Here is an excerpt from the book:

"We're going on a bear hunt,
We're gonna catch a big one,
What a beautiful day,
We're not scared.
Oh oh!
Thick, oozy mud.
We can't go over it,
We can't go under it,
We've gotta go through it!
Squelch squelch, squelch squelch"

'We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we gotta go through it!' Those words are very true with everything in life whether it is good or bad. We keep pressing through different situations in life. For Christians, when we have to go through it we are not alone. We have a Mighty God who walks with us in ALL things, including the tough and sticky (mud) stuff.  How wonderful that is! We also can lean on family and friends (like the book illustrates).

We don't have to be afraid. God tells us to fear not many times in the Bible. We just have to trust Him and have faith in Him that whatever we are going through will work out in His timing. His timing may not be in the next hour, next day, or next year. There are many instances (Abraham and Sarah comes to mind in the Bible where people had to wait years before God made a way for something to happen. As I write these words, I know it is true that waiting is hard. I am so glad Rob and I waited and we are at a better point in our lives than we were a year ago. God was with us through the waiting. He will be with you through your waiting.

God is with us through our inner struggles, the deep (thick oozy mud) struggles. We are free from our sin because of the sacrifice of Jesus. God is with us when we are tempted the same way He was with Jesus when he was tempted ( He will help us through our temptations and inner struggles. We don't have to be afraid because God made a way and has shown us His grace.

Knowing that God is with us makes going through it easier. Knowing that there are other people going through it makes it easier, as well. I don't know what you are going through but I am praying for you, dear reader, and I want to say you aren't going through it alone. You don't have to go through it alone. I am sure somebody has already been through it. Don't be scared because it is a beautiful day!

Here are some verses that came to mind as I was writing. I hope this encouraged you as it has encouraged me.

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