Friday, March 6, 2015

My Heart Is Warm

With all the cold and snow it can be hard to keep warm. The past few nights I have not needed a winter coat or a sweatshirt to keep warm. What has warmed me is seeing Logan and Landon interact especially at bed time.

They have been sharing a room for a little over a month. Once we moved, we took one side off of Landon's crib since he could climb out and it formed a toddler bed. Landon is very smart and has picked up on our nightly routine of saying prayers. The boys will both go to Logan's bed and we say our prayers. Here is what warms me so much: Logan and Landon giving each other hugs and kisses right before Landon goes to his bed.

Their love for each other is so amazing. Sometimes it is hard to tell if they love each other because they do what brothers do best: fight. Brotherly love appears once the fighting stops and they have such a bond that it is hard for me to put into words. I love witnessing their brotherly relationship. It warms my heart so much more than a fire. I know they will be friends for life and I know they will have each others back.

As Liam gets older, he will join them and they will be my own 'three musketeers'.

Logan and Landon love Liam and seeing them interact with him and seeing Liam smile at them also warms my heart. I am so blessed to witness this brotherly love. I am so blessed that I get to watch them grow and be the best of friends.

The moments that I witness their gentleness and love for each erases all the moments I may doubt if I am making a difference in their lives.

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