Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What If?

My 4 year old, Logan is really very sweet. He has his moments like every 4 year old that make me want to pull out my hair. I tuck those under a rug where I can forget them because I always want to remember my sweet Logan. I wonder what if we as adults can be as sweet as a child. With all the garbage in this world, it is hard to find a glimpse of sweetness. A glimpse of kindness. A glimpse of love. 

Yesterday Logan and I were at the store as we were leaving a teenager held the door for us. Teens get a bad name in our society as being rude. He held the door for a mom and her 4 year old. In response, Logan said thank you. A 4 year old was kind to a stranger. I wonder what if we can be as kind and sweet as the picture that was played before me yesterday. Maybe we'd see more smiles and less frowns. More good stories and less bad. More positivity and less negativity. More love and less hate. 
All it takes is a change of attitude. Something I struggle with is a good attitude and maybe you struggle too. What if we swept the bad moments under a rug and forget them and only remember the good? Would our lives change? I think so. Something I strive to do is to have a good attitude and not let my emotions control me. Maybe you are guilty of this as well. If we change and show more good than bad in our families, churches, communities then maybe that good will spread to the world.

Logan reminds me everyday what it means to have a child like attitude. The impact he has to help me see things through his eyes helps me to change my attitude which in turn will change another person's attitude. 

What kind of attitude will you have?

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